BASF brings new PU products to Milan leather machinery exhibition 2017

Simac 1nternational Leather Machinery Exhibition 2017 will be held in Milan, 1taly from February 21 to 23. At that time, BASF, the German chemical giant, will show its elastopan to the audience at booth G40 and h39 in hall 14 ? PU series and elastalan ? TPU series of new products to explore and broaden the application of PU and TPU products in the shoe industry

realize the transformation from design concept to product presentation

over the past ten years, BASF and the well-known Politecnico calzaturiero 1nstitute of footwear design and technology in Padua, 1taly, have always been committed to the pursuit of design freedom, constantly seeking innovation and breakthrough in materials and technology, so as to promote the development of products and industries. Polyurethane is the pioneer of this trend, and its outstanding performance in the field of luxury high-end customization is really eye-catching

this time, the challenge they are facing is to design men’s and women’s sports shoes based on new soles, with the theme of “era integration”. The future generation will be a generation of art, music, culture and all kinds of life styles. Only the sports shoes that cater to this trend and make it concrete can win from the fierce competition. The PU and TPU shoes exhibited by BASF will play a crucial role in it< At the beginning of the project, BASF focused on the concept of "lighter, more comfortable and better hydrolysis resistance". 1n addition to providing corresponding materials as required, the group also provides technical support for customers at all stages of the project. 1n the laboratory in Villanova, 1taly, BASF strictly tests the hardness, wear resistance and insulation properties of the materials to ensure that they meet the needs of customers. The group's deep accumulation in shoe materials and its R & D expansion in application lay a solid foundation for the advent of new sole among BASF’s many exhibits, elastopan ? The PU products of lightsports series, with their outstanding lightness, cushioning, high resilience and water resistance, help puma ignite series running shoes shine in the market. As for infinergy ? Series TPU products, because it can still maintain high resilience after a long time of use, is the ideal choice for the sole material of labor protection shoes. Elastopan is also suitable for the sole of labor protection shoes ? Lightsafe series PU products are characterized by portability and antistatic property

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