Basic requirements for dust control

1n the geological investigation report of the new mine, the coal dust explosiveness appraisal data of all coal seams must be included. The coal dust explosiveness test should be carried out every time the mine is extended to a new level. 1t is necessary to establish a perfect dust-proof water supply system in the mine. No production is allowed at the mining face without dust-proof water supply pipeline

dust proof water supply pipelines, branch pipes and valves must be laid in main transportation roadway, inclined shaft and drift of belt conveyor, uphill and downhill, transportation roadway and return air roadway in mining area, heading roadway, coal bunker caving port, coal chute caving port, unloading point and other places. Water for dust prevention should be filtered. Water mining mine and water mining area are not subject to this limit. All coal bunkers and coal chute under the shaft shall be kept with one top coal storage, and shall not be emptied; The coal bunker and coal chute with water gushing can be emptied, but after emptying, the gate of coal outlet must be closed, and the water diversion pipe shall be set. Coal chute shall not be used as air hole. 1n mining coal seams with coal dust explosion risk, measures must be taken to prevent and isolate coal dust explosion. The two wings of the mine, the adjacent mining area, the adjacent coal seam, the adjacent working face, the coal seam driving roadway and the roadway connected with the coal mining face, the coal bunker and the roadway connected with the coal mining face should be separated by water shed or rock powder shed when independent ventilation is adopted and other places with explosion risk are connected with the roadway. The floating coal in the roadway must be removed in time, the deposited coal dust must be cleaned or washed, and the rock powder must be distributed regularly; The main roadways should be grouted regularly

comprehensive dust prevention measures, measures for preventing and isolating coal dust explosion and management system shall be formulated and implemented every year. The installation site, quantity, quantity of water or rock powder and installation quality of coal dust explosion-proof facilities shall be inspected at least once a week

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