Be sure to fasten the safety belt of life when taking the bus

With the official launch of the Spring Festival, safe and smooth home has become the most concerned issue of the public. For high-speed passenger cars, the safety belt with the function of “life belt” can not be underestimated. Recently, the reporter learned in Pingzheng, Nanhu, bus terminus and other passenger stations that all passengers on high-speed passenger vehicles must wear seat belts as required, otherwise, the vehicles will not be able to leave the station


passengers are not allowed to leave the station without wearing seat belts

recently, the reporter came to Pingzheng bus station. At the moment, there are a lot of people in the ticket hall. 1n front of the eight open ticket windows, there are long lines of passengers carrying all kinds of luggage. At 10:12 a.m., the reporter boarded a bus from Mianyang to Guangyuan with the license plate number of Sichuan b44823. The bus carrying 48 people was already full of passengers. Some consciously fastened their seat belts, while others stuffed their seat belts into the gaps beside their seats. At 10:15, the driver Chang Yunyan got on the bus and said, “everyone, we are about to leave. Please fasten your seat belts.” Two minutes later, the car drove slowly to the exit, and the staff member Zhang Miansheng boarded the bus. While checking one by one from the first row, he reminded the passengers: “please fasten your seat belt! Otherwise you can’t get out of the station. ” After the staff urged the passengers to fasten their seat belts, the bus slowly drove out of the passenger station at 10:22

at Nanhu bus station, there are obvious posters of “safety belt and life belt” on the passenger entrance passage. After the passengers get on the bus, the driver will first remind them to fasten their seat belts” There’s one person who doesn’t wear a seat belt and we won’t start. ” A driver told reporters that the Spring Festival transportation safety responsibility is great, not a bit careless. Not only does the company require strict implementation of this regulation, but the station also checks it carefully. Passengers are not allowed to leave the station without wearing seat belts

passengers are responsible for their own lives when they fasten their seat belts

in a bus at Pingzheng bus station, Ms. Huang, a passenger, chatted with reporters while checking whether her seat belts have been fastened. Ms. Huang said that she had seen a video on the 1nternet that “22 passengers were hit and flew instantly in a car accident without wearing seat belts”, which is still fresh in her memory. So from then on, every time she took a bus, she would first fasten her seat belt” 1t’s right to wear your seat belt. 1t’s responsibility for your life. ” Ms. Huang said. Mr. Luo, who is preparing to get on the bus at the bus terminal, also thinks that it should be the initiative of every passenger to fasten his seat belt, rather than relying on the reminder or urging of the staff

according to Han Junya, a staff member of the safety section of Pingzheng bus station, at the beginning, many passengers didn’t understand the rule that high-speed vehicles must wear seat belts. Some had to persuade them to do it again and again, and some would unfasten the seat belts halfway. But now, more and more passengers have realized the importance of seat belts and can take the initiative to do it. As for the station, safety belt management is also an important work. 1n addition to the driver’s necessary reminder of the passenger’s safety belt, the driver will also remind the public to take the initiative to fasten the safety belt by means of on-board TV, exit inspection and other forms” This is not only to improve the safety service level of the station, but also to be responsible for the safety of passengers. ” Han Junya said< According to the data provided by the police, the accident death rate of drivers without wearing seat belts is 37.7 times of that of drivers with seat belts. On the highway, if the car runs at a speed of 100 km / h and stops suddenly due to an accident, people will fly out at a speed of 28 m / s without wearing the seat belt, which can be fatal when encountering obstacles. 1f flying out of the car, hitting the fixture or being scratched by the moving vehicle, the possibility of survival is very small “for the sake of life safety, please fasten your seat belt whether you are driving or taking a car or bus.” To this end, the staff of the municipal traffic police department also specially reminded that in order to travel safely, citizens must establish the awareness of wearing seat belts. 1n addition to driving by themselves, they must carefully check whether their seats have seat belts and whether the seat belts can be used normally before taking buses. 1f you find a problem, you should change your seat immediately link 1: on Septembe5, 2012, CCTV broadcast a video provided by Zhejiang traffic police. The picture shows that in a bus, all 22 passengers on board were hit and flew at the moment of the accident because the passengers were not wearing their seat belts, causing 1 death and 21 injuries link 2: research shows that 90% of drivers and passengers in China do not consciously wear seat belts. Seat belt failure is the third major cause of road traffic accidents, second only to speeding and drunk driving. According to statistics, in the United States, more than 10000 drivers save their lives by using seat belts every year. 1n Europe, 5500 lives will be saved by using seat belts every year copyright notice: This article is reproduced from the network media, only represents the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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