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Huaxin history: build national independent brand in 21 years

established Wuxi Huaxin safety equipment Co., Ltd. in 1993

became William & amp; Co., Ltd. in 2004; Baron company is a global partner to jointly develop safety protection products

in 2007, it passed the TUV (German Technical Supervision 1SO9001, 1SO14001, OHSAS18001) system certification

in 2007, it established a wholly-owned subsidiary: Anhui Huaxin safety equipment Co., Ltd.

in 2008, it upgraded the company’s management system and combined Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with enterprise process management (ERP), 1n 2009, the production base of Anhui Huaxin safety equipment Co., Ltd. was opened

in 2013, it was shortlisted as one of the top 50 labor protection enterprises in China

woshinehuaxin Wuxi Huaxin safety equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the largest professional manufacturers of safety protection products in China. Founded on October 10, 1993, the company has been focusing on the R & D and production of high-end safety helmet, safety shoes and respiratory protection products for nearly 20 years. The products have passed the American ANS1, European CE and national La certification, and obtained a number of national patents. 1n 2001, it took the lead in passing 1SO9001 quality system certification in China. 1t is the goal of Huaxin to provide security products that meet the security standards and meet the needs of users and create security for our users

adapt to the trend, new technology, change the status quo

for the most popular topic at present: e-commerce, President Lin firmly said: “e-commerce is an inevitable trend, our topic in 2014 is: to enter the ranks of e-commerce as soon as possible under the condition of ensuring the interests of dealer groups.” When it comes to dealers, President Lin specially stressed: “the most fundamental principle for the company to manage dealers is win-win cooperation. All policies of the company are based on how to help dealers develop.”

Huaxin, which has been established for more than 20 years, has served the top 500 enterprises in China, and so far there has been no quality and safety accident. At the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Huaxin in 2013, President Lin proposed that “Huaxin should become an excellent intelligent manufacturer of safety protection products in China”. For this idea, Huaxin people have shown their unique maturity and self-confidence. Today, Huaxin has two major manufacturing bases in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province and Guangde, Anhui Province, and a global technology partner, William & amp; Co., Ltd; Baron has established a complete supply chain of R & D, production, detection and distribution. All manufacturing bases have passed 1SO9001, 1SO14000 and 1SO18000 system certification. Huaxin people firmly believe that: by introducing new technology and new materials into safety protection products, we can change the situation that domestic protection products are only low-end remanufacturing< Now Huaxin has more than 100 sales outlets and after-sales service stations in China, but 42 year old president Lin has not stopped. When it comes to famous foreign brands such as mesian, jieshibi and Honeywell, President Lin seems very calm, saying: "as a private enterprise, we have been cooperating with these foreign brands and competing with each other for more than 20 years." in the domestic market, Huaxin has its own advantages: 1. 1t is more familiar with the requirements of local enterprises, so its service is more practical and its operation mode is more flexible2. Learn from foreign brand technology, adhere to the road of national brand, quality first, safety as the development concept. 1n terms of product cost, Huaxin’s price is relatively more advantageous for the foreign market, national Huaxin is constantly trying. Although its competitiveness is weak, Huaxin has some fixed customers in the foreign market. At the same time, the company is constantly improving international certification, enriching product lines, actively participating in foreign exhibitions, promoting and strengthening communication with foreign customers< 1n the face of such an enterprising Huaxin, Xiao Bian wanted to explain the advantages of the company in one sentence. Mr. Lin gave me a perfect answer: "if you insist on being the best of yourself, how can you be as good as you want, but you should be worthy of my heart." he has a soft personality, regardless of personal gains and losses, and his biggest hobby is diving. The close contact between 30 meters underwater and nature is gentle and peaceful, just like his relationship with employees. He once promised his employees: “we will never leave the company to our children. The company belongs to everyone, and we will select the best among the employees to replace ourselves.” at work, he is not a workaholic. He likes to share his work with employees who are willing to bear pressure, and at the same time, he is willing to pay them back. For the selection of talents, he said: “if you are a Qianlima, you have to run first, so that you are more likely to be liked by Bole! Huaxin, welcome talents with common aspiration to join us for common development looking back, looking forward to the future looking back, 1 have many thoughts and feelings when it comes to Huaxin’s two decades of trials and hardships, President Lin’s eyes are full of joy, “Huaxin has faced two major changes in the past 20 years.”. Full of memories and talking, Mr. Lin couldn’t bear to interrupt me. He said: “the first change was from an agent of foreign brands to a manufacturer. The change was quite smooth, mainly because all the staff of the company fully realized that Huaxin needed to have its own core competitiveness. Therefore, everyone had a unified idea and worked together. The change was very smooth. 1t took only five years to get rid of the agent completely.” for the second change of Huaxin, President Lin showed completely different emotions. The second is the transformation of Huaxin’s sales mode. President Lin’s next words and deeds all revealed the difficulty and pain of this transformation process” At the beginning of the transformation, the dealers were in a wait-and-see state. Huaxin was faced with a substantial decline in sales and profits, which led to the instability of the sales team, the hesitation of some management, and even differences between shareholders. ” At this time, general manager Lin began to reveal a bit of comfort in his tone, “fortunately, we have persisted. With the gradual progress of the transformation, after three years of efforts, we have a stable and loyal dealer team, and the sales of Huaxin has also reached a new level. Facts have proved that the transformation of Huaxin’s sales is correct and necessary. At present, Huaxin has the same idea, because we all cherish the business opportunities after the transformation looking forward to the future, we are confident and confident “the future?” President Lin confidently and firmly emphasized the sentence of the 20th anniversary: “unite our dealers, and aspire to become an excellent intelligent manufacturer of safety protection products in China.” editor’s notes General Manager Lin’s self-confidence and persistence make me feel his strong aura. President Lin’s 20 years of memories of the enterprise also made me a listener who should have taken the initiative to interview. He pays attention to environmental protection and pays attention to new technology. When 1 passed a shed in the factory, there was no car in it, which aroused my curiosity. An employee of Huaxin told me: “it’s the solar cell of the company. All the street lamps in the factory are powered by this kind of solar cell, which is more environmentally friendly.” This made me admire this young leader once again. Under the itching, 1 interviewed a Huaxin employee randomly and asked her to talk about Mr. Lin in her eyes. She said with a smile, “she is gentle, optimistic, cheerful, informal and can persist.” Walking in such a large Huaxin factory, 1 am still thinking. For this interview, 1 still have some ideas today’s Huaxin has more things that we can’t see to guide it to a further future step by step; The future of Huaxin will also bring us more expectations and surprises Huaxin keeps a good record of no quality accident for 20 years we solemnly declare that this article is the original article of the website, if you need to reprint it, please indicate the source

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