Behavior Safety Management — starting from work habits

Bad work tradition and work habits, it is a long-term follow down the behavior of violating safety work regulations. Bad habitual behavior is actually a kind of blind behavior that violates the objective law of work safety. 1n fact, bad habitual work often occurs in team work, operation and other activities. No matter from the position and role of the team in production, or from the purpose of protecting the life safety and personal health of employees, the team is the focus of anti habitual violation. Therefore, from the starting point of work habits, it is particularly important for production teams to take anti Habitual Violation as the most direct and fundamental task of enterprise safety production

bad habitual work will have a subtle impact. For example: some new employees see that the old employees do not work according to the “safety operation regulations” at will, which is not only easy but also free, and they will follow suit; When some employees see that the leaders are also disobeying the rules, they will follow the instructions and follow them; Some teams and groups do not eradicate the habitual work phenomenon of bad habits for a long time, and the actors are insensitive, regardless of the harm and consequences, until they wake up and regret the accident. 1n the long run, the wide range of influence, the long influence and the great harm caused by the damage should not be underestimated. Over time, the vigilance to those incorrect behavior habits will be greatly reduced

everyone has his own habits: habitual way of thinking and habitual way of behavior, consciously or unconsciously in accordance with their own habits in work, life, communication or thinking. Habit has a great influence on us, because it is consistent, unconsciously, and affects our behavior year after year. Only about 5% of a person’s daily behaviors are non habitual, while the remaining 95% are habitual. Repetition of more than 20 days will form a habit, and repetition of more than 90 days will form a stable habit. Even breaking the rules and regulations, repeated for many years, can eventually evolve into habitual violations. For a long time, we have been learning habitual violations, but they are always repeated. The reasons are as follows:

first, from the perspective of historical reasons, the provisions of various safety regulations and operating systems are summed up from the blood lessons, which are profound for the parties concerned. However, most of the later people are not clear about the cause of the accident, lack of understanding of the harm of habitual violations, think that what is stipulated in the safety regulations is dogmatic, which has no practical significance for themselves in the work, so they are not serious and standard enough to abide by and implement

Second, from the analysis of social reasons, the bad habits of some employees, such as free and loose, formed in a loose social environment, are also a factor of habitual violation

thirdly, from the perspective of psychological reasons, the interference of old habits is an important reason for the formation of habitual violations. 1t’s because these old practices, which are both superior and inferior, have been used to. 1n order to completely correct the Habitual Violation of rules and regulations, we must eliminate the interference of old thinking< Fourth, from the perspective of human nature, people are naturally lazy, which leads to opportunistic behavior. They think that not everyone must have an accident every time they violate the rules. They are smart and quick to react. Even if something happens, they will not fall on themselves. Because bad habitual work is dominated by certain psychology and is a habitual way of action, it has certain obstinacy and multiple occurrence. 1f the psychology that dominates the habitual violation behavior does not change and the habitual action mode is not corrected, the habitual violation behavior will occur repeatedly, and people will pay enough attention to it until the actor is punished by the accident. So start with habits. Let every employee think and act in the way of "safety first". To make safety a habit, every carbon employee should keep in mind

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