Behind the collapse of textile and shoe enterprises: a successful history of “gambling losers” of Zhejiang businessmen

in 2008, Li Hui, a businessman in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, regretted doing one thing wrong: gambling. Li Hui said to himself: his experience is representative of some businessmen, “1 am a vivid case of gambling.”

one day at the end of 2008, Hangzhou ushered in the first snow after winter, and the temperature dropped to below zero ℃. 1n a teahouse near Stadium Road in Hangzhou, while drinking Longjing, Li Hui told reporters about his “gambling loser” road, regretting his bowel

two years ago, Li Hui was still the boss of a textile factory in Yiwu. When the benefits were good, he employed two or three thousand workers, and he had a beautiful life. Now, he sold his factory and his house. He went to Hangzhou to rent a house of tens of square meters and lived there. He dared not go back to Yiwu< Li Hui said that birds of a feather flock together, and the boss always likes to be with the boss to exchange experience, communicate information, and have fun together - the most common way is to find a place to "fool around" (local dialect, namely gambling) at the beginning, we were really just “small tricks”, and we didn’t win much. However, after some bosses went to Macao, the “small business” is no longer exciting. During the golden week of November 2007, Li Hui visited Macao with a group for the first time, and was deeply shocked: a bus transported the newly arrived tourists to those luxury hotels, decorated restaurants and shopping malls, all kinds of performances, especially the mysterious casinos, just like a giant sucker, 1n a flash, it sucked away the bustling crowd” So many people are gambling. 1t’s really exciting for me. ” Li Hui said that at that time, his heart was like a cat’s claw. He immediately changed his chips for 1000 yuan. He wanted to lose all his money and go away. Who would have guessed that he won 8000 yuan after gambling in the middle of the night. 1t was the 8000 yuan that completely changed Li Hui’s concept. He thought that it’s not easy to make more money in running an enterprise. The competition is fierce. You can’t make mistakes in every link. Otherwise, all previous achievements will be wasted. But the casinos in Macao can make him easy to make money< After that trip, Li Hui seems to be possessed. As long as the business in the factory is not too busy, he will take a few days to go to Macao to gamble. Because of the inconvenience of following the delegation, Li Hui applied for a Hong Kong and Macao pass to go directly to Macao. Later, he quietly went back and forth between Zhuhai and Macao by means of "illegal immigration" in one year, Li Hui gambled in Macao no less than 50 times and became a frequent guest in the V1P room of the casino. His bets increased from hundreds or thousands of yuan to hundreds or millions of yuan. At first, Li Hui, who knew how to take it when it was good, won some money. But later, when he gambled with a boss surnamed MA in Yiwu, he lost this boss Ma runs a large-scale and well-known stockings company in Yiwu, ranking among the top five in the local stockings industry. 1t was a bit embarrassing for two villagers to bump into each other in Macao’s casinos for the first time. Mr. Ma is obviously an old hand in the casinos. Every time he makes a bet of tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of yuan, he doesn’t frown. His extravagance has shocked Li Hui. Li Hui decided to join hands with him as a result, boss Ma had bad luck and lost miserably. He lost tens of millions of yuan, and Li Hui lost no less than one million yuan with him. The unwilling Li Hui always hopes to win back the money he lost. 1n addition to the sluggish foreign trade in the middle of 2008, the efficiency of the textile factory has declined. He has lost his eye by selling the factory he has run for eight years at a price of 3 million yuan. With this large amount of money, he goes to Macao again and borrows 500000 yuan from the gambling intermediary (commonly known as “code boy”) in the so-called “last war”, but he loses it all, 1’m in debt after selling BMW cars and millions of luxury houses, Li Hui has not been able to pay off his debts completely, so he has to go to Hangzhou to rent a house of tens of square meters and hide< Li Hui revealed that in Yiwu and Wenzhou, there are not two gamblers who frequently go to Macao to try their luck. Some of them have to prepare millions of yuan of gambling capital each time. Basically, the money will never come back. On the contrary, they will still owe a large amount of usury" Compared with them, 1'm less addicted to gambling. " Li Hui himself said. For example, when he met boss MA in Macao, it is an indisputable fact that he is addicted to gambling. 1n order to have time to gamble, boss Ma once handed over the whole company to a relative to take care of it. When the enterprise broke out the capital crisis last year, they owed six or seven banks a total of more than 200 million yuan of loans. Boss Ma borrowed money from his peers to tide over the difficulties the reporter also found that in late November 2008, Xinou shoemaking Co., Ltd., a well-known shoe enterprise in Wenzhou, suddenly closed down, and Shi Jianou, the boss, fled. The total assets of this shoe enterprise is more than 17 million yuan, and at its peak, there were 7000 employees. According to a senior person in Wenzhou footwear industry, Shi Jianou lost nearly 100 million yuan in a real estate investment project in Sichuan. 1n order to recover the loss, he went to Macao to win a game, but lost another 60 million yuan, so he had to run away almost at the same time, several well-known shoe enterprises in Wenzhou, such as Jierda, Dongyi, Feituo and TA1MA, suddenly closed down or are facing closure. 1t is said that it is because the owners of several enterprises gambled in Macao and lost about 1.3 billion yuan in total

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