Beidai township of Wuqiang county gets rid of poverty relying on glove processing industry

Recently, Beidai Township, Wuqiang County, Hengshui City, relying on the glove processing industry to lead the masses to get rich, has set up a joint party branch of glove processing industry in Beidai Township, actively playing the role of the Party branch and Party members, leading the development of glove processing industry, coordinating and leading the poor households in the industrial chain to increase their income and become rich, so that the masses can get rid of real poverty, real poverty, and constantly improve their living standards The happiness index is climbing

the glove processing industry of Beidai Township began in the 1980s, and played an important role in developing the rural economy and promoting the masses to become rich and increase their income. At present, beidaixiang glove processing industry has 20 glove processing enterprises and stalls, covering 19 villages with 2100 employees. The annual output is 18 million pairs and the sales revenue is 90 million yuan. Some of the products are sold to China, and some to Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other countries. Since the implementation of precision poverty alleviation, Beidai township has determined the working idea of “taking the grass-roots party construction as the guide to poverty alleviation, and building the branch on the poverty alleviation industry chain”. The existing 14 party members in the industry chain have been organized, and the glove processing industry joint party branch of Beidai township has been established. With the help of the national targeted poverty alleviation policy, the Party branch contacted the poverty alleviation departments to implement the industrial poverty alleviation, and used the poverty alleviation funds to buy a sewing machine worth 2000 yuan for each household. So far, 550 sewing machines have been purchased for the poor households. 1n 2017, the income of the masses increased by 28 million yuan, driving 296 poor households out of poverty and getting rich, with an average income increase of 13000 yuan

“glove processing is an assembly line operation. Each person is responsible for one process. Even the elderly can process more than 100 pairs of gloves every day, not delaying farm work, but also taking care of their families. So there are basically no idle people in the village. Everyone is doing this. ” Ge wankai, Secretary of the joint party branch of Beidai Township glove processing industry, said, “now the Party branch is guiding glove processing households to” touch the net “and sell gloves made by poor farmers to all parts of the country through 1nternet e-commerce. Last year, Beidai township’s gloves accounted for 30% of the national e-commerce sales, ranking first in the whole network, 1t has effectively promoted poor farmers to get rid of poverty and become rich as soon as possible. “

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