Beijing chutu medical vehicle covers 14 key areas

yesterday, the Beijing Red Cross Society and the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau signed a cooperation agreement on stability maintenance in the region. The Beijing Red Cross Society launched 20 stability maintenance medical vehicles and set up a stability maintenance humanitarian rescue team. These team members and vehicles will be on duty in key areas such as Tiananmen Square and Beijing four railway stations

the person in charge of the relevant department said that this is an effective demonstration of the combination of specialty and group. The police is a specialized agency to prevent and combat terrorist activities and maintain social security and stability. The Red Cross is an international humanitarian organization dealing with emergencies and natural disasters. Marked by the signing of the cooperation agreement between the Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Municipal Red Cross, the two sides will strengthen cooperation in security and stability maintenance, air to ground rescue, daily rescue support, strengthening medical care in prison area, and loving police humanitarian care. The former scattered, irregular and temporary cooperation will become a normalized cooperation mechanism

= equipped with emergency vehicles for anti-virus, anti chemical and explosion-proof

20 new medical vehicles purchased by the Red Cross Society of the city with an investment of more than 30 million yuan are dedicated to the humanitarian rescue at the scene of emergency. The cost of each vehicle is 1.5 million yuan, of which the vehicle itself costs 8.9 million yuan, and the remaining costs are used for vehicle modification and purchase of various items

compared with ordinary emergency vehicles, these 999 emergency medical vehicles with red and white main color have more off-road performance, and are marked with obvious English signs, which can be easily identified by foreign patients

in the carriage, there are stretchers and a row of seats. 1n more than 10 partitions on the left side of the stretcher, orange first-aid packages are used to contain biochemical protective clothing, water life-saving vest, human body water machine fire extinguisher and other items< According to Tian zhenbiao, vice president of the emergency rescue center of the Red Cross, these special vehicles have 84 functions, including anti-virus, anti chemical and anti explosion. On the basis of medical first aid equipment such as ventilator, defibrillator and ECG monitor, gas mask, N95 mask, portable fire extinguisher, manual breaking tools, humanitarian protection shield and protective clothing are added. All vehicles are specially modified, especially in emergency rescue of sudden disaster accidents, two simple stretchers can be quickly installed on the long row seats, The number of patients transported can be doubled, and 2-3 patients can be transported at one time the car is equipped with WiFi wireless function, specially equipped with tablet computer built-in task receiving terminal, intelligent navigation, on-site data transmission, video conference, on-site data query, etc., which is convenient to build a bridge between the municipal stability maintenance office, the municipal anti-terrorism office, the municipal emergency office and the Municipal Red Cross humanitarian emergency command center, 999 command center< According to Tian zhenbiao, there are 50 emergency personnel who have been trained for two weeks to learn to use the tools in the car and are specially responsible for the medical rescue work of handling emergencies and maintaining stability. Yesterday, the 50 first-aid workers swore in the establishment of the stability maintenance humanitarian rescue team he picked up the N95 mask and orange heavy-duty chemical protective clothing in the car and made an on-site introduction. 1f the scene allowed and needed, the first-aid personnel would use these equipment to enter the scene for rescue. He said that these devices will be able to deal with explosion, biochemical events, self 1mmolation and other scenes, and water rescue vest and professional rainy day equipment can also be used in similar “July 21” rainstorm the year before last Tian zhenbiao said that under normal circumstances, each emergency medical vehicle will be equipped with a driver, a doctor and a nurse. According to the different needs of different regions and periods, the day or all day duty will be implemented, and the manpower will be increased as needed< According to the introduction, according to the requirements of the Municipal Public Security Bureau for one minute rapid disposal, the Municipal Red Cross will set up 20 emergency medical vehicles in 14 sensitive areas and other areas. Tian zhenbiao said that political centers such as Tiananmen Square and 14 sensitive areas such as the four major railway stations, Xidan and Wangfujing will be set up. After an emergency, the emergency medical vehicle can reach these key and sensitive areas in one minute, while the rest of the areas are the fastest to arrive when the road conditions permit 999 emergency center has added another 30 emergency stations throughout the city, with a total of 160 emergency stations at present. These stations are not only the emergency stations serving the people, but also the preparation points for dealing with emergencies and maintaining stability 999 emergency center will combine daily rescue with professional rescue, and the emergency stability maintenance humanitarian rescue team of Beijing Red Cross will fully cooperate with the police to participate in the anti-terrorism work, so as to realize the joint efforts of anti-terrorism and anti riot, the linkage of emergency management and stability maintenance, the joint efforts of experts and groups, the joint service of anti fan, the joint efforts of universal education, and the joint guarantee of major events it is understood that according to the emergency handling work flow of the emergency rescue center of the Beijing Red Cross Society, after a major emergency, the emergency center will carry out medical treatment in relevant departments, which is defined as a nuclear chemical terrorist attack. The Fire Department of the public security is responsible for the decontamination, and the emergency personnel are responsible for the classification of injuries and emergency transport in the buffer zone, Do a good job of protection according to the requirements; The Municipal Center for Disease Control and prevention is responsible for decontamination, and the first-aid personnel are responsible for injury classification, first-aid transportation and protection in the buffer zone; 1f the cause of the incident is not clear (including the serial explosion incident), the first-aid personnel are mainly responsible for the classification of injuries, on-site first aid, transportation of patients and information reporting after arriving at the scene (related news) a number of violent and terrorist cases have been heard and watched the whole country will crack down on the audio and video of online violence and terrorism the reporter learned from the state 1nternet information office yesterday that the whole country will carry out the “special clean-up action of audio and video of online violence and terrorism” in the near future, and resolutely crack down on the illegal acts of producing and disseminating violent and terrorist audio and video with a “zero tolerance” attitude recently, the State 1nformation Office held a national video conference to study and deploy the audio and video work of cracking down on cyber violence and terrorism, with the participation of the heads of all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government). At the meeting, the relevant person in charge of the State 1nformation Office pointed out that online violent and terrorist audio and video has become an important incentive for the frequent occurrence of violent and terrorist cases. From the “3.01” in Kunming, the “4.30” in Urumqi and the “5.22” in Urumqi and many other violent and terrorist cases cracked, almost all of the violent and terrorist elements have listened to and watched violent and terrorist audio and video, and eventually created violent and terrorist cases. This year’s situation is particularly grim. The number of violent and terrorist audio and video released by “East Turkistan” and other separatist forces on overseas websites has increased significantly compared with previous years, and has been continuously introduced into China through various channels. These videos publicize violent and extreme religious thoughts such as “Jihad”, which are highly inflammatory and harmful the person in charge stressed that in the current complex and severe situation of anti-terrorism, local network information departments should put network anti-terrorism work in an important position in their daily work. 1n the near future, the state information office will deploy the nationwide “special clean-up action of internet violence and terrorism audio and video”, intensify efforts to crack down on the illegal and criminal acts of spreading violence and terrorism audio and video online, publishing the implementation methods of violence and terrorism action and selling relevant crime tools, and severely punish websites that publish violence and terrorism audio and video information and sell overseas information communication tools, We will resolutely cut off the channels for violent terrorists to use the 1nternet to spread extreme religious ideas and incite violent terrorist cases = special equipment biochemical protective clothing (light / heavy) if the patient is in critical condition and timely treatment can effectively reduce the mortality and disability rate, medical staff will choose protective clothing to enter the scene according to the level of biochemical events medical protective clothing is easy to carry at one time, and can be used for basic protection of infectious disease wounded transportation in terrorist events protective shield helmet gloves are used to protect medical staff and the injured in emergencies, gloves are used in various violence and fire scenes, and medical staff operate them manually for first aid water life vest used for on-site rescue personnel, orange red, obvious sign, can distinguish functions human body water-based fire extinguisher can quickly put out the fire of the wounded, and the water-based components can quickly reduce the body surface temperature after spraying demolition tools before the public security personnel come to the scene, the medical personnel can use the crowbar and other demolition tools for demolition assistance this article is a reprint of 1nternet media, which only represents the author’s point of view and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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