Beijing Fire: no high-altitude operation in strong wind

Original title: Beijing fire control: no high-altitude operation due to five level gale

Beijing Morning Post (reporter Zhang Jingshu) in order to strengthen construction safety in winter, Beijing fire control issued ten safety measures< First, the person in charge of fire safety, the manager and the fire safety responsibility of each construction post and area must be clearly defined at the construction site, and the specific implementation measures such as supervision and inspection, reward and punishment must be formulated2. Before taking up their posts, construction personnel should organize and carry out drills on fire prevention knowledge and basic skills of fire fighting and escape. Electrical welding, waterproof operation and other special types of work personnel need to work with certificates 3. Temporary fire lane must be set up on the construction site to ensure the smooth operation of fire vehicles. 1t is forbidden to pile up materials or occupy the temporary fire lane on the temporary fire lane< 4. Temporary fire-fighting standpipes must be installed for construction projects with height more than 24 meters. Fire hydrant openings shall be set on each floor, and sufficient water guns and water hoses shall be provided< 5. Before hot work and welding at the construction site, inflammable and combustible materials at the operation site and around should be cleaned up, and fire-fighting equipment should be equipped to identify the fire watchers. 1n case of severe weather such as gale above leve5, welding and cutting operation at high altitude and in open air shall be stopped< 6. Combustible materials are not allowed to be used in the temporary living area of the construction site. The temporary warehouse of the construction site should be built with non combustible materials. 1nflammable and explosive materials should be stored in a special warehouse and stored separately by category to keep ventilation< 7. 1t is strictly forbidden to carry out cross operations such as hot work, welding and laying insulation materials on the construction site. The method of plastering cement mortar while pasting insulation material should be adopted to lay insulation material, so as to shorten the exposure time of insulation material as far as possible< 8. 1t is strictly forbidden to pull temporary wires and use electric heating appliances in violation of regulations in the dormitory of construction personnel, and keep the evacuation passageway unblocked< 9. Special personnel must be assigned to be responsible for fire safety inspection on the construction site, and night duty inspection shall be strengthened< 10. The construction site must establish a voluntary fire fighting organization, formulate fire fighting emergency plan, organize volunteer firefighters to conduct fire fighting training and drills, be familiar with fire hazards and fire fighting measures, and ensure timely and effective fire fighting

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