Beijing Jianheng Certification Center issued the certification certificate of the first batch of daily protective masks in China

Recently, Beijing Jianheng Certification Center (hereinafter referred to as Jianheng certification) hosted the “self protection under the dome – the first batch of health protection products Youjia Certification Press Conference” in Beijing. 11 kinds of daily protective mask products of 8 enterprises including Yunnan Baiyao, two kinds of air purifier products including haoze and Taihao new fan products have obtained the excellent certification certificate issued by Jianheng certification. Among them, the daily protective mask product certification is the first time in China, and only the related certification of labor safety mask products has been obtained before. The person in charge of Jianheng certification said that the launch of this series of product certification is only to make the choice of consumers easier< 1n recent years, haze has become not only an environmental disaster, but also the biggest killer of people's health. With the expansion of the scope of haze, people's awareness of respiratory health protection is gradually enhanced, and the sales of health protection products such as masks and air purifiers are also rising rapidly. At present, mask, air purifier and other protective products are produced and sold in China. However, due to the lack of market supervision, behind the brutal growth of the industry is the chaos of China's protection product market. On the one hand, a large number of "Shanzhai" brands flooded the market; On the other hand, bad businesses use deceptive propaganda language to mislead consumers, "100% anti haze", "99% filtering effect", "100% peace of mind" and other propaganda language is full of the protection product market. The end result of these chaos is that consumers are at a loss when choosing protective equipment in order to standardize the development order of the industry, the relevant national standards of China have been implemented successively since this year: on March 1, the national standard of air purifier, known as “the most stringent in history”, was implemented; On November 1, the national standard of “technical specification for daily protective masks” was implemented. The implementation of these standards has aroused the applause of the consumer market and the industry. Some excellent enterprises in the industry have begun to strictly implement the new national standards, and the supervision of relevant departments has also started however, for ordinary consumers, professional and technical indicators are just like the book of heaven. 1n order to “liberate” consumers from the obscure technical indicators and help consumers choose high-quality health protection products more intuitively and quickly, Jianheng certification first launched the “Jianheng Youjia certification” logo focusing on health protection products Jianheng Youjia certification aims to identify and label high-quality and healthy protective products through international certification means. On the one hand, it helps manufacturing enterprises to strengthen management and improve the quality of products and services by means of certification; On the other hand, to help consumers identify the pros and cons, consumers can easily and intuitively purchase high-quality products through Youjia certification mark. At the same time, through the third-party certification, guide the community to participate in quality co governance, and gradually establish a trust mechanism it is understood that in addition to strict testing of products, Jianheng Youjia certification will also implement post certification supervision on enterprises by means of on-site factory inspection, market sampling inspection and on-site sampling inspection of enterprises, so as to ensure that the certified products of enterprises can continuously meet the requirements of certification standards. You Jia certification mark can be pasted on the packaging box or the product body of the certified product

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