benefits of washing work clothes in daily life

What are the benefits of washing work clothes? Washing work clothes is often done in our life. Some friends are very diligent. They always wash their work clothes immediately after soaking. 1n fact, it is unscientific to do so. 1t is usually better to Soak clothes in cold water before washing them. This has two advantages:

first, it can make the dust and sweat attached to the surface of the clothes get out of the clothes and into the water, This can not only improve the quality of washing clothes, but also save detergent. The fabric can be fully expanded by water penetration before entering the washing solution, so that the dirt in the cloth hole is squeezed and floated on the surface, which is easy to remove< Second, the fastness to washing is very poor, and the color of dyed fabrics is easy to fade. 1f professional clothes are soaked first, this series of problems can be found in time, which is convenient for the use of this preventive measure in the washing process. The amount of water for soaking clothes must be sufficient, and the soaking time should be determined according to the type, new and old, material, dyeing fastness, cleanness and dirt of the clothes, General down jacket in 5-10 minutes, fine imitation wool clothing in 15-20 minutes; Twenty minutes for blankets and sweaters; 1t takes 15 minutes for synthetic fiber clothing and 20-30 minutes for woollen clothing

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