Besides 3M, what other labor insurance brands can you name?

when it comes to masks, people can only blurt out 3M. However, there are not only masks for labor insurance products, and masks are not only 3M. How to make ordinary consumers call out the second labor insurance brand, which is also a domestic brand, has become an important issue for the labor insurance industry to think deeply

from April 11 to 13, the 96th China labor protection products fair, sponsored by China Textile Business Association, will be held in Pudong New 1nternational Expo Center, Shanghai. 1t is reported that the layout of this fair will be upgraded comprehensively, and the new mode of branch library gathering will be adopted for the first time to create a faster, more efficient and centralized meeting experience for exhibitors and visitors. There is no doubt that the labor insurance industry is about to enter a new growth cycle after the rapid growth of raw materials and environmental protection rectification. The recovery of the industry is more clear, brand marketing is more popular, and the pace of exploring new sales channels is more urgent. As the “industry weathervane and barometer”, the “Labor 1nsurance Association” will paint a more brilliant color for the coming spring of the labor insurance industry

as a big country in the production and use of labor protection products, there are many brands of labor protection products in China. While more and more foreign brands extend their sales tentacles to China, they also recognize the quality and convenience of “made in China”. With the rapid rise of domestic national brand enterprises, more and more enterprises have a strong sense of brand autonomy, and major labor protection products manufacturers need to join hands Going hand in hand has become a consensus for national brands to break through the limitations of self-development

in recent years, the labor insurance industry camp can be said to be a “gathering of heroes”. 1n the new year, it is not uncommon for some brands to decline and some brands to disappear directly from the market. There are not only the reasons for the industry environment, but also the reasons for the enterprises’ own concept transformation, adhering to the old marketing system and sticking to the old products

brand is an intangible asset of an enterprise, which can greatly improve the competitiveness of the enterprise in the market. Whether it’s “brain platinum” or “jiangxiaobai”, who can get through the barrier between the brand and users in the fastest time, who can occupy the highland and win thousands of miles

attaching importance to brand values and brand culture innovation can produce stronger resonance with customers’ emotional needs. With the continuous improvement of the cultural level and income level of consumers, their brand awareness is more intense, especially their brand values and the brand emotion embodied in the brand culture are more important, and even the primary factor in deciding to buy. However, Chinese enterprises ignore brand values and culture in product function, which is a weakness of Chinese brands’ lack of competitiveness

for labor insurance enterprises, how to make effective use of industry platform and exhibition resources, build enterprise brand value chain, how to reverse the overall impression that ordinary consumers only recognize 3M when buying masks… Maybe we need to go a longer way and make more efforts and changes

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