Best practice of logistics management and optimization

Martin Lingke will hold a training activity on logistics management and optimization best practices in Shanghai from October 25 to 26, 2012. Course Description: with the increasing depression of European and American economies and the transformation of China’s economic development model, meeting the needs of the domestic market has become the primary goal of various industries. 1n order to better meet customer needs and maintain profitability, logistics management and optimization will play an increasingly important role in the success of the company. Excellent logistics management and optimization can not only reduce the company’s resource occupation and related costs, but also play an increasingly important role in supporting sales growth and meeting customer demand. This training course will explore how to reduce waste, improve efficiency and promote business growth by applying logistics management and optimization methods and models to specific work. This training will help you in the following aspects: * how to understand the latest development and challenges of logistics * how to understand logistics strategy and its constituent elements * how to realize the management mode and optimization method of progressive logistics together with procurement * how to realize the optimization and improvement of inventory and warehouse management * how to carry out transportation procurement and optimize the transportation cost structure * how to understand and improve logistics information system Understand the value and application trend of each component * how to correctly manage and optimize logistics cost * how to correctly understand the composition and capability requirements of logistics organization__________________________

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