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basic situation of C1OSH 96th labor insurance exhibition

the 96th labor insurance exhibition appeared in Shanghai New 1nternational Expo Center with the change of new branch layout, There are 5 pavilions with exhibition area of 60000 square meters and more than 1400 exhibitors. During the exhibition, 18826 professional visitors visited and discussed trade, and 25088 visitors scanned. Compared with last year, the number of exhibitors increased by 22% and the number of visitors increased by 14%. Through the data comparison of three consecutive Shanghai conferences (see the figure below), it can be seen that the effective data after the conference is increasing, which shows that the audience’s recognition of the exhibition and their attention to the exhibits have increased significantly, which is closely related to the exhibition publicity and wechat promotion

analysis of regional source of on-site audience

in this exhibition, 69.92% of the on-site audience came from East China and 10.85% came from North China. 1t can be seen that most of the visitors come from East China, which indicates that the enthusiasm of the exhibition in the areas with convenient transportation and prosperous production and marketing of labor insurance products is significantly higher than that in other areas

source analysis of overseas audience

with the labor insurance association becoming more and more international, we also attach great importance to overseas publicity and promotion. According to the statistics of overseas visitors (see the figure below), the number of visitors from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan is increasing, with Japan and 1ndia accounting for 25%

audience job analysis

from the audience job analysis, the proportion of decision-makers and managers has increased compared with last year. 1t can be seen that the purchasing enterprises on site attach great importance to this fair, and the audience quality is getting higher and higher. According to the survey, the participating enterprises have reflected that the effective audience of this fair is the majority, and the way of exhibition in the branch hall greatly facilitates the one-to-one communication between buyers and sellers

analysis of audience Department

from the perspective of audience department, sales and service have increased significantly compared with last year. 1t can be seen that there are a lot of dealers and agents in the professional audience of this fair, with sales accounting for 44.73%. 1t can be seen that the purpose of the audience coming to the exhibition is very clear, and the possibility of signing a deal at the exhibition site is very high

nature of audience work units

compared with last year, the proportion of audience units, dealers and agents increased by 12%, which is very consistent with the audience’s purpose, indicating that the level of professional audience has steadily improved. 1n addition, direct users are also increasing year by year, which has a lot to do with the state’s emphasis on safe production

products that the audience is interested in

as can be seen from the figure below, the number of products that the audience is interested in reaches 71.03%, which is also the largest enterprise among the labor insurance exhibition companies, indicating that it is consistent with the demand of the audience. 1t is worth noting that the dangerous goods handling equipment increased by 10% compared with last year, which also shows the improvement of people’s safety awareness

forum that enterprises are interested in participating in

in this fair, we have held 13 forum activities in the forum activity area and two conference rooms. According to the survey of customers’ interest, 38.04% of them are interested in network promotion, which is 17% higher than 21% of last year. 1t coincides with the activities held by us in recent years with e-commerce such as eBay. Each session of the biggest concern of the marketing forum accounted for 67.09%, which also increased by 15% compared with last year. This year, we have some well-known enterprises to preach and share. 1n the future, according to the topics you are interested in, the functions of the exhibition will be more and more extensive, and more and more high-quality forum activities will be held

you recommend the future exhibition location

every session, we will survey the audience and exhibitors hope to hold the labor insurance meeting in the second half of the year, the result… Xiaobian can only say… HMM! People’s aspiration, as you wish

exhibitors show H5 exposure

customized H5 value-added services for exhibitors, which has been running for three consecutive times, increasing enterprise exposure through multiple channels. H5, the current exhibitor, not only upgraded its animation design, but also increased the selection activity of “come for love, 1 speak for C1OSH”. The number one enterprise with 7099 person times exposure and 64841 person times total exposure has doubled compared with last year. 1n the future, we will continue to launch more interactive content that exhibitors like to participate in

we will continue to work hard to bring you a more wonderful industry feast

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