Big hole in safety net, children playing on Railway

Recently, uncle Liu, who lives in Hebei District, went shopping in the supermarket and passed by Yibai road tunnel. He suddenly found that three boys about 10 years old were playing on the railway of Yibai road tunnel. Uncle Liu immediately called out: “how dangerous it is, go down quickly.” And ran to the railroad and drove the kids down

within five minutes of uncle Liu driving the children off the railway, a train whistled by, “1 was in a cold sweat. What if the children were still on it. There are safety nets beside the railway. How do the children get in? ” Uncle Liu walked up the stairs beside the tunnel to find out that the nearly one person high safety net installed beside the railway has broken several big holes, which are enough to drill two adults side by side, and there are no warning signs nearby. Uncle Liu called on the relevant departments to repair the safety net as soon as possible and install warning signs for the safety of the children. “Don’t wait for the tragedy to happen before you regret it.”

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