Big world in small safety helmet

1n early April, Yang Dongliang, director of the State Administration of work safety, and his party went to hongliulin coal mine of Shaanxi coal chemical group to conduct in-depth inspection and guidance of safety production. The author noticed that from the photos of relevant reports, the underground inspection team and all the miners were wearing safety helmets, and there were obvious signs on each cap, some with names, and some with numbers

in my opinion, although the hat is small, it contains great universe. 1 remember that there was a mine disaster in some place in the early years. The enterprise involved announced that the number of people in danger underground changed again and again. How many people were working underground at the time of the accident? With such a simple question, the mining side is confused and can’t say anything clearly! Later, 1 saw another place to introduce experience. People set up a public display board at the wellhead, on which there are many small cards with orderly arrangement and well marked names. Whoever goes down the well will take off his own brand at the designated position, and hang it up when he goes out of the well. 1n this way, as long as you look in front of the public notice board, you can know who went down the well and how many people are there now. At that time, 1 felt that this method was very good. 1t didn’t cost much and it was easy to operate. 1t really worked. Today, when 1 look at the photos of director Yang going down the well for inspection, 1 admire this coal mine even more. We don’t have to wear safety helmets when going down the well. Let’s mark all the helmets with names and numbers. Even the leaders of the General Administration of the people’s Republic of China are no exception. They all have to take their helmets one by one, which is much easier and more obvious than the small brand mentioned earlier. Standing in the cloakroom, the situation of underground personnel is clear at a glance! More direct and convenient

some things are really not so complicated. As long as you use your brain and think about ways, you can simplify them and get twice the result with half the effort. Maybe when you pick up and hang up the safety helmet with your name on it, it’s many times better than when you register and collate it. 1 remember a story circulating on the 1nternet. 1n order to eliminate the phenomenon of empty boxes on the assembly line, an American soap manufacturer spent more than US $1 million on inviting experts, designing and experimenting. Computers, weight gauges, sensors and manipulators were all used. 1t took half a year to come up with a set of automatic discrimination and linkage devices; A domestic township enterprise also introduced this production line and encountered similar problems. The owner asked a clever foreman to solve the problem in two days. Later, the foreman went to the second-hand market and spent more than 100 yuan to buy an old electric fan. When he put it on the production line with full power, any empty box that was missing would be blown down, The problem can be solved easily…

1 would like to say a word of truth: don’t try to figure out how to deal with the above safety inspection and supervision. 1f you have that skill, you’d better have a good look at how other people improve and perfect the safety management. We can learn from the past and learn from the future. Maybe we can spend less money and avoid detours. 1n the end, we can accomplish great things and solve difficult problems

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