Binzhou traffic police issued new reflective protective clothing

in order to further strengthen the law enforcement security protection of the police on duty, do a good job in road traffic safety management, and strengthen the standardization construction of the traffic police team, recently, Xicheng District brigade of traffic police detachment of Binzhou Public Security Bureau issued a new type of reflective protective clothing for the road police on duty and traffic assistants. The protective clothing not only has the reflective effect of traditional reflective vest, but also can prevent rain and cold, 1t can better protect the personal safety of police and traffic wardens on duty at night and in bad weather conditions such as thunderstorm and haze

the new reflective protective clothing is made of new materials, which has better reflective effect. 1t can better play the role of guidance, warning and security when on duty at night, significantly improve the security protection ability of police when carrying out road law enforcement, traffic grooming, patrol control and other work in bad weather, and better protect the personal safety of police on duty

in the security work of the municipal “two sessions”, all the police of the Brigade made great efforts. As soon as they took up their posts, they attracted the vision of the leaders attending the meeting and were praised by the representatives and committee members

the new reflective vest is more eye-catching, convenient and fit, which is more suitable for the actual work needs of the front-line police, greatly improves the personal safety protection of the police, especially the characteristics of road traffic in winter, and provides reliable guarantee for the police to patrol, control and dredge the traffic

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