Binzhou Yaguang won the “discourse right” of national towel industry standard

on December 26, 2009, the towel sub Technical Committee of the national household textile Standardization Technical Committee, which was undertaken by Binzhou Yaguang towel Co., Ltd., was established in Jinan, Shandong Province, which means that the company has successfully won the “commanding height” and “voice” of the industry standard, which is the first National Standardization Technical Organization in the towel field in China

as the only standardization technology organization in the towel industry, the committee was established with the approval of the National Standardization Management Committee. 1t is a technical organization engaged in the national standardization work, and is mainly responsible for the centralized technical work of the professional standardization of towel products and auxiliary materials, And assist the whole national standard committee to undertake the domestic counterpart work of corresponding technical committees of 1SO. After the establishment of the sub Technical Committee, the Secretariat will work with the members of the sub Technical Committee to formulate and revise the national standards and industry standards in the towel field, so as to better serve the development of the towel industry, which is of great significance to further promote the implementation of the technical standard strategy

as the vice president unit of China Home Textile 1ndustry Association, Binzhou Yaguang towel Co., Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of medium and high-end towel series products in China. 1n recent years, with the help of the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, adhering to the strategy of invigorating enterprises by quality and implementing the famous brand strategy, it has successively won the honorary titles of China’s famous brand and national inspection free products, and is known as the “vanguard of China’s home textile industry”< 1t took two years to establish the towel sub Technical Committee of the national home textile Standardization Technical Committee. 1n the process of formulating the standard, the technical personnel carried out a lot of information collection, test comparison and data analysis, striving to make the standard reasonable, contacting and calling more than 40 standardization experts for key guidance, and successively held more than 10 review meetings to summarize various suggestions, Finally, it successfully occupied the commanding height of national towel industry standard

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