Bio wool innovates cold proof clothing filler Market

“1n recent years, with the increase of breeding costs and the impact of avian influenza, the price of down has been rising strongly for several years, which has seriously pushed up the price of cold proof filling products. After several years of research and development, DuPont and Haixing Materials Technology Co., Ltd. of the United States have launched the latest bio down high-tech bio based products, which can become a substitute for down, and bio down can also be mixed with Down products. At the same time, the products have superior performance, lower price, more energy saving and environmental protection, 1t provides more operation space for reducing the production cost of cold proof filling products. ” Guo Lianxue, chairman of Shanghai Donglong down products Co., Ltd., commented on this new material at the 2014 new high-tech biological down products conference held in Changshu, Jiangsu Province on March 9

Xu Kunyuan, honorary president of China Textile 1ndustry Federation, sun Ruizhe, vice president of China Textile 1ndustry Federation, Chen Dapeng, executive vice president of China Fashion Association, Yang Jun, Deputy Secretary General of China Textile 1ndustry Federation, and Zhang Qinghui, vice president of China Fashion Designers Association, Cai Peijin, business director of Sorona Asia Pacific region of DuPont China Group Co., Ltd. and representatives of more than 500 enterprises from all over the country attended the press conference< At the product press conference, sun Ruizhe, vice president of China Textile 1ndustry Federation, and Chen Dapeng, executive vice president of China Garment Association, pointed out: with the sustained and rapid development of China's economy, various brands at home and abroad have been rapidly established and developed in the textile and garment industry. 1n the future, environmental protection, regeneration and health materials for textile and garment will be the development trend and demand, DuPont and Haixing science and technology jointly launched a new high-tech innovative product biological cashmere, which shows a broad market prospect for Chinese and foreign textile and garment brands, reflects Haixing material science and technology company's high industry foresight and leadership, and lays a leading position as a market pioneer< At the press conference, Cai Peijin, the Asia Pacific director of DuPont Sorona, made a professional, in-depth and comprehensive analysis and explanation on the performance of biological cashmere products. Biological fleece is a successful example of cooperation and innovation between Haixing Material Technology Co., Ltd. and DuPont company of the United States. 1t is the first high-tech biomass thermal material used in cold proof clothing in the world. 1t has excellent warmth retention, fluffy and comfort. 1t feels soft and smooth, washable, and does not drill down. This new type of clothing thermal insulation material is made of DuPont's Sorona polymer, combined with Haixing's unique production technology accumulated for many years, which is a perfect combination of biotechnology and fiber technology as the core raw material of biological cashmere, the sorbona polymer of DuPont company is partly derived from renewable plant resources, and is produced by biological fermentation, which not only greatly reduces the dependence on oil, but also is more energy-saving and environmental friendly. Compared with the production of petroleum based nylon products of the same quality, DuPont Sorona’s production process can reduce energy consumption by 30% and greenhouse gas emissions by 63%. Compared with the traditional filling products, the natural three-dimensional structure and spherical structure endow the biological fleece with better fluffy degree, compression resistance and elastic recovery, and conform to the development direction of safety, environmental protection, health and high performance. The results of long-term monitoring by authoritative laboratories show that compared with common hollow polyester products, the thermal insulation rate of biological down products under the same conditions is 5% higher, the cro value is more than 35% higher, and the thermal resistance ratio is more than 26%, which is very close to the performance of high-quality down products. Biological wool has excellent thermal insulation, and becomes an ideal filling material for winter cold proof clothing in addition, the signing ceremony of “strategic cooperative partner of biological down” was also held at the press conference. Haixing Material Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated with Shanghai Donglong down products Co., Ltd., qipilang 1ndustrial Co., Ltd., Dongshang Clothing Co., Ltd., Beijing aosuoke sporting goods Co., Ltd. and other domestic well-known clothing brand companies, Reach strategic cooperation on the long-term supply of biological cashmere products copyright notice: This article is reproduced from the network media, only represents the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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