Biogas poisoning of No.3 sewage disposal workers for underground dredging in kemuxi, Anhai

the rescued workers draw a diagram to explain the incident

at about 3 pm yesterday, in the sewer of daohongxi well near kemuxi, kemuxi village, Anhai Town, Jinjiang, three sewage workers were fumigated by biogas one after another when they were dredging underground. After being rescued by fire officers and soldiers, they were sent to Anhai hospital for rescue. As of 7 o’clock last night, one person was still in a coma

rescue: after searching underground for 5 minutes, we found the trapped people

at about 5 pm yesterday, the reporter arrived at the scene, and three people with biogas poisoning were sent to the hospital. Three people were poisoned by Daohong well beside Kemu river. According to Xiao Zhang, a fire officer and soldier at the scene, due to the complex structure of the well, three fire officers and soldiers put on protective equipment, tied safety ropes and went deep into the narrow pipe. After nearly five minutes of searching, they finally determined the specific location of the trapped people at the bottom of the “well in the well”. At this time, except for one person who was relatively awake, the other two people were in a coma

“at that time, the air respirator carried by the rescue team had reached the alarm state.” Xiao Zhang said that after determining the specific location, the rescue workers used their belts to bind the trapped people to themselves. “The people above pull first, and the people below push again…” through constant pulling, pushing and crawling, the three trapped people were rescued from the well one after another

Mr. Chen, an eyewitness, said that three people were rescued one after another, wearing raincoats with mud on their faces. One of them recovered consciousness after two or three minutes, and the other two were in a coma, and then they were taken away for 120 years< 1n the emergency department of Anhai hospital, the reporter met the rescued worker Wang Youhua. At this time, he was conscious and in good mental condition Wang Youhua told the reporter that they were dispatched to clear the silt in the daohongxi well at 1:30 p.m. on the same day. When they went down the well, all three of them were fully armed and put on gas masks “all of a sudden, 1 heard the workers shouting for help at the bottom of the well. When 1 got down, 1 found that there was a lot of biogas inside.” Wang Youhua said that when he was outside the well, he heard a worker’s cry for help and immediately went down the well to check. He found that there was a lot of biogas in the well, and the two workers had collapsed and lost consciousness. He tried to rescue, but as soon as he got down into the well, he felt weak all over, and then climbed to the well for help Wang Youhua said that it was most likely that the workers were fumigated by the biogas accumulated behind the mud after they burst the mud with a water gun during the operation. The two workers were deeply poisoned and were transferred to the intensive care unit soon after they were sent to the emergency department hospital: one person is still in danger of life at 6:15 pm yesterday, the reporter learned from Anhai hospital that the three poisoning patients were all middle-aged people. One of them, Dai, was in a coma and was not out of danger of life. The other, Lu, was conscious, but his airway and lungs were damaged according to the relevant person in charge of the intensive care unit of Anhai hospital, at present, the damage degree of the two severe patients has not been judged, and now it can only be treated symptomatically to ensure the stability of each organ function of the patients the person in charge also revealed that the hospital inspection found that the gas inhaled by the patients contained hydrogen sulfide and ammonium hydroxide, and the two severe patients had developed symptoms of hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy tips of China labor protection website: when working in a closed environment, it is dangerous to choose a gas mask because the oxygen content and gas type are uncertain. Gas mask is a kind of respiratory protective equipment which can be used only when the oxygen content in the air is sufficient and the type of poisonous gas in the air can be filtered out by the filter box. For example, in this incident, Xiaobian suggested that the long tube respirator with electric air supply should be selected. 1f it is close to the air source, the long tube respirator can also be selected this article is a reprint of 1nternet media, which only represents the author’s point of view and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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