Bishan government supports transformation and upgrading of leather shoes industry

Bishan, which used to be famous as the shoe capital in the west, has been quiet since its tunnel was opened to traffic. Recently, at the award ceremony for famous brand creation of enterprises in the shoe capital 1ndustrial Park, fan Mingwen, Secretary of Bishan County Party committee, made it clear that Bishan government will control the scale of leather shoes in the county and support the upgrading of the existing leather shoes industry< 1n recent years, three new industries, including electronic information, equipment manufacturing, medicine and food, have emerged in Bishan County. Fan Mingwen said that this is the strategic transformation of Bishan's industrial economy and does not mean that the leather shoes industry is stagnant. The leather shoes industry has not only increased taxes, but also solved the employment problem of a large number of people. Therefore, it is the inevitable choice for the county to continue to develop and support the leather shoes industry. Bishan government will control the scale of the leather shoes industry, but improve the product grade and brand value on the existing basis, so as to increase the added value of the brand

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