black technology! “Space class” protective clothing has been discovered in Shaanxi Province, which can be called the artifact of fire escape

1n modern society, the popularization of national fire protection knowledge continues to strengthen. “Wet hair and clothes, wet towel cover the nose” is a well-known fire self-help common sense, which can provide temporary protection for people in distress. However, if the fire is too big to escape from the fire in a short time, even if this method is adopted, the probability of successful escape will become very small

on March 31, 2018, with more than 30 years of deep experience in fire prevention and control, pan Hai Sanjiang, together with the national emergency industry alliance, national emergency product information integrated service platform, Shaanxi Provincial Emergency Rescue Association and Shaanxi radio and television, launched the 2018 emergency safety culture into the community action with the theme of “urban safety is well prepared and disaster prevention system co construction”

at the scene of this activity, the three rivers across the sea specially displayed the fire escape protective clothing developed by them in cooperation with China astronaut training center for relevant leaders, technical experts, media representatives and community residents, which can be called the fire escape artifact. The clothing combines the advanced technology of China’s space suit with the application characteristics of fire emergency escape. The overall weight of the clothing is onl2.5kg. 1t has high fire rating and strong heat insulation performance, and can withstand 800 ℃ flame temperature in a short time

in addition, the protective clothing has built-in suction filtration device, which supports suction filtration within 30 minutes. 1t not only creates golden 30 minutes for the people in danger to escape from the fire, but also provides system level protection for the whole body, helping the people in danger to leave the fire safely and quickly, and reducing the casualty rate of fire accidents

on site wearing demonstration

on site running demonstration

leaders of Shaanxi Emergency Rescue Association visited the site

in order to let the visitors know more about the outstanding performance of protective clothing, the representatives of oceanwide Sanjiang exhibition organized on-site wearing experience. After the visit, relevant leaders of Shaanxi Emergency Rescue Association pointed out: “this kind of clothing is convenient to wear and very light, Non professionals can also dress well in a short time and escape quickly. 1t is very suitable for ordinary residents and has great promotion value. “

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