BMW develops innovative materials for safety protection

What kind of enlightenment can a grapefruit bring? Recently, BMW researchers and their partners gave the answer. The bionics research project B1SS (bio inspired safety system) led by BMW Group has made new achievements. 1nspired by nature, researchers spent three years to develop new materials that are lighter, stronger and more stable. Their protective performance has been improved by 20%. They can be used to make protective clothing, helmets and other protective devices

inspired by nature, it can improve the performance of anti-collision, anti shock and shock absorption

bionics is a science that studies the structure and properties of biological systems and provides new design ideas and working principles for engineering technology. Bionics has greatly promoted the development of automobile. BMW Group is an innovative pioneer in this field. 1t draws inspiration from nature in vehicle design, new material research and development and application, and constantly promotes industry progress in vehicle design and material selection. BMW researchers have used the bone structure of horses for reference to develop a lightweight body structure; He has also simulated the figure of dolphins and penguins to create the streamline shape of bmwh2r hydrogen fuel concept car, achieving extremely low drag coefficient

this time, BMW researchers turned their eyes to grapefruit. They noticed that even if the grapefruit fell from a height, it would not break, and the flesh would hardly be damaged. This is because the honeycombed pomelo skin has good impact resistance, and its own weight is very light, which is equivalent to its own shock absorption effect. 1n addition to grapefruit, scales of fish and reptiles have also attracted researchers’ interest. The overlapping scales can disperse external forces to the surrounding scales, so they are very strong and can play a very good protective role

the unique protective characteristics of the above biological models are essentially determined by their hierarchical design. The structure of grapefruit peel is called “stretch expansion material” in material science. This material responds to pressure in a completely different way than traditional materials: below the pressure point, traditional materials collapse and thin, while “stretch expansion materials” compress and harden faster. So the material actually gets thicker when it’s stretched, not thinner

in the B1SS project, according to the principle and structure of “stretch expansion material”, researchers have improved the layered structure and fiber orientation of current fiber composite materials, produced new materials with excellent protection effect, and creatively combined the functions of anti-collision, anti impact and shock absorption. At present, the research results have exceeded expectations. Compared with the commonly used materials, the new materials are lighter, stronger and more stable, and the performance is improved by up to 20%. This innovative material can be produced and processed in an economic way, and has a good prospect of industrial production and application

innovative bionic materials have broad application prospects

this innovative bionic material can be applied in many fields in the future. Taking BMW Group as an example, this new material will be made into gloves and protective clothing that are more in line with ergonomics principles, so as to better protect workers on the assembly line from sharp body parts. The light weight and air permeability of the new materials allow workers to move freely. 1n addition, BMW motorcycle helmets are also expected to use this material in the future. Helmets made of new materials are much lighter than traditional products on the market, but can provide the same level of protection

the application scope of new materials is not only here, but also the sporting goods manufacturers participating in this research project see great potential. 1n the future, the new material can also be used for protective clothing for basketball and football players, helmets for skiing and cycling, and more protective sports equipment

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