Boiler explodes, workshop disappears, neighbor “injured”

at about 7 o’clock yesterday, a loud noise broke the tranquility at the junction of Lu’an City and suburbs. The boiler of the washing plant located at the west side of the intersection of Liu’an West Ring Road and Jiangjun road exploded. The huge explosion could be heard several miles away. The washing plant was razed to the ground. One person was injured and dozens of houses were damaged

the workshop disappeared, the neighbor was “injured”, and the air wave broke through the 10 cm wooden door

it is reported that the explosion occurred in a company named Xinyue washing center. After the explosion, the scene was in a mess, the workshop of the washing center disappeared, and huge boiler debris was lying on the ground. On the east side of the site, half of the buildings of the adjacent paint factory were also destroyed. On the west side is a paper mill warehouse and a waste steel yard. Although there are a large number of templates stacked in the middle, the iron door of the paper mill warehouse is still broken down, and the roof gusset plate and window are shaken down. An old man in charge of the steel yard was injured by the blast in his sleep and was sent to the hospital afterwards

Li, a villager in Meihua village, was three miles away from the scene. Li said that he was having breakfast when he heard a huge explosion. At the same time, he felt numb at his feet. “1 thought there was an earthquake, so 1 ran to the outside of the house, and then found it along the direction of the smoke!”

fan, a villager, said that he had not got up at the time of the explosion because his house was dozens of meters to the south of the scene. At first, he heard the “chirp” for more than ten minutes, and his wife also muttered that who had worked so early, and he heard the “boom” before his voice fell! “Wow” a few loud noises, all the pieces of glass on the window fell to the bed, “1 like to sleep with my head covered, if my head is outside, the pieces of glass will be miserable.”

in the house of Liu Changlong, a villager more than 200 meters away from the scene, 12 windows were also broken. The 10 cm thick wooden door was punctured by the air wave, and the thick bolt of the bowl mouth was broken in two. According to the site statisticians, dozens of houses around were damaged to varying degrees. Fortunately, when the explosion occurred, there was no one in the boiler room and no pedestrian on the road in front of the door< At present, the safety supervision and quality supervision departments of Yu'an district have been involved in the investigation

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