brand advantage of Honeywell anti haze mask is guaranteed

1n 2013, the word “haze” first appeared in the public eye. Subsequently, “haze” once became a hot word of the year. Due to industrial pollution, coupled with a large number of exhaust emissions, the air haze problem is becoming increasingly serious. Haze affects health and daily life. Mask to prevent haze. Anti haze mask has become a new favorite of mask industry. However, the mask market is mixed, and it is difficult to have effective supervision. Honeywell, an old industrial protection brand, took the lead in launching professional anti haze masks, which guaranteed its brand advantage< The brand advantage of Honeywell anti haze mask shows the product strength technological anti haze needs to rely on strong and advanced R & D strength. Honeywell speaks with its strength. 1ts anti haze mask adopts high-quality filter material, which is compact and shapeless, not easy to be hairy and deformed, and has good filtering performance, with the filtering efficiency as high as 97%, 1t conforms to the standard of gb2626-2006 “respiratory protective equipment, self-priming filter type anti particulate respirator”. Built in sponge nose pad, with adjustable nose clip, reduce nasal pressure. Cotton elastic earband, good elasticity, suitable tightness, meticulous welding process, reduce wearing discomfort. The unique “H” patent design is full of fun, and the “H” high-performance exhalation valve can effectively discharge the moisture and heat during breathing, ensuring free and smooth breathing. 1n addition, Honeywell anti haze mask is designed for Asian face shape, with more than 97% face shape adaptability and tight fit. Each piece is sealed and packed independently, which avoids secondary pollution and is convenient for storage and carrying

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