Brand premium shoe enterprise dealers feel pressure

Wang Xiangyi, the Xi’an agent of a brand in Jinjiang, came to Jinjiang head office to see the goods and place an order as usual when the brand held the 2011 spring and summer order meeting. But the price of shoes at the order meeting made him feel more pressure. 1n this batch of goods, the average price of each pair of shoes is 3-5 yuan more

Wang Xiangyi vomites bitterness: the wholesale price of a pair of shoes is 3-5 yuan more expensive, which means that the price of the shoes will rise as high as 6% – 10% after they are put into the market. With the increasing cost of stores and human resources, there is only a small profit left. 1f it is not done well, the inventory problem will become more serious, let alone market development

in fact, there are many brand agents like Wang Xiangyi who feel pressure. They all have one thing in common. Most of these agents are operating some small and medium-sized brands that have just started or are developing

originally in the market, these brands were not well-known enough, and the product differentiation was not obvious. Today’s price rise has made the market development, which was originally a crack in existence, even worse? However, as the head office, this can only be a reluctant move

according to Li Yong, executive director of Feike 1nternational Holding Co., Ltd., affected by the fluctuation of international raw material prices, since the beginning of this year, first the price of rubber sole has been raised, and then the main and auxiliary materials of shoe-making, including leather, super fiber leather, mesh cloth, etc., have increased to varying degrees. This year, the cost of shoe materials has increased by 10% ~ 15%, This does not include the increasing cost of manpower

up to now, workers’ wages have increased by almost 20%. Ding ruizhan, general manager of ruizhan shoe materials Co., Ltd., said that on the one hand, the cost of shoe materials and human resources is rising; On the other hand, because factories and brands are still in the stage of development, they can not form scale effect to reduce costs, so small and medium-sized brands have to raise prices to meet the needs of survival

of course, it’s not just these small and medium-sized brands that are rising

recently, Tebu 1nternational Holdings announced the relevant data of Tebu brand’s order meeting in the fourth quarter of 2010. The data shows that in all product series, the order amount of the key series, mainly running shoes, has achieved a very considerable growth, up 43% year-on-year, in which not only the quantity has increased by 30%, but also the overall average price has increased by 10%

in fact, according to the 2009 financial report released by Anta at the beginning of this year, the average prices of shoes and clothing products of Anta increased by 6.8% and 6.3% respectively. According to the market survey, 361du, hongxingerke, peak, etc. have increased the price of some products in the market to varying degrees

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