Brazil’s shoe and leather industry will benefit from higher import tariffs

dilma Rousseff, Brazil’s new president, recently said that in order to protect its economy, it is planning to raise import tariffs. Brazil’s shoe and leather industries may benefit from this

according to Paulo skaf, leader of Brazil’s manufacturing alliance, in his latest meeting with Fernando Pimentel, Minister of industrial development and foreign trade, the government has agreed to take investment and other measures to protect the country’s economy. The president has been advised to raise import tariffs on some products, including shoes and leather< 1t is imperative for skaf to introduce such measures. According to statistics, Brazil's trade deficit in manufactured goods reached 72 billion US dollars in 2010. 1f no action is taken, the deficit in 2011 may be close to 100 billion US dollars. Skaf said that in the face of the current situation, we must formulate effective measures to curb imports, otherwise the trade deficit of manufactured goods will continue to expand

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