Brazilian workers fall dead without safety ropes

F1FA issued a statement to express its mourning and grief at the seventh fatal accident of a construction worker at the world cup in Brazil on Saturday, when a worker installing a temporary seat fell from a height of 8 meters. Brazilian police announced the investigation results of the accident a few days ago. The worker failed to wear safety rope as required, which led to the accident. Corinthian club, the owner of the venue, announced three days of mourning, but the construction of the venue will not be stopped

Brazil claims that the lack of safety ropes has led to the death of workers

the slow progress of the construction of the World Cup Stadium in Brazil has also attracted fierce criticism from F1FA, which has led to tragedy in order to speed up the work. A spokesman for Brazilian police confirmed that the worker, Fabio Hamilton Da Cruz, did not wear safety equipment in order to complete the task as soon as possible, so the accident happened” According to the investigation of the deceased’s colleagues and the scene, he forgot to wear the safety rope at that time. ” Police spokesman Rafael said” At that time, his colleagues also reminded him to put on the safety rope, but he said, “1 can handle it soon.”

as a result, the 23-year-old worker fell from a height and suffered multiple injuries, including head injuries, and was declared dead before the operation. Afterwards, the company responsible for the Construction issued a statement saying that the parties had received safety training and were equipped with all the necessary safety facilities. “Obviously, it was not the lack of safety measures, but the victims themselves that led to the tragedy.” This is also the third case of worker death in the itagelon stadium under construction. Last year, two workers were killed in a crane accident. The owner of the stadium, Corinthians club, announced three days of mourning, but the construction of the stadium did not stop

this is also the seventh death accident of a construction worker so far in Brazil. 1n order to thank these people for their contribution, F1FA has decided to provide 50000 tickets to the Brazilian construction workers participating in the construction and renovation of 12 stadiums, so that these builders can enjoy the joy of the world cup. F1FA will give tickets to these construction companies, who are free to distribute them to the workers who give their sweat. The 50000 tickets will cover all the matches in the first round except the opening match between Brazil and Croatia

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