Breakthrough in footwear testing business of Sichuan inspection and Quarantine Bureau

since the beginning of this year, Sichuan inspection and Quarantine Bureau has paid special attention to the construction of laboratory testing ability in the work of “strengthening quality inspection”, so as to create favorable conditions for laboratories to expand testing business and participate in market competition. Recently, the National Key Laboratory of footwear and raw materials testing of the Bureau has obtained part of the footwear testing business of Taobao Mall on taobao.com. Since Decembe3, the daily testing quantity of leather shoes has reached 30-50 pairs, and the daily testing fee is 15000-25000 yuan, making a breakthrough in footwear testing business

comprehensively improve the detection ability and level. By means of increasing equipment investment, organizing national capability verification and technological innovation, the testing items opened by the laboratory can fully meet the requirements of footwear testing. The identification method of leather materials created by the laboratory is in the leading position among similar laboratories in China

strengthen laboratory management. The laboratory operates in strict accordance with the requirements of 1SO / 1EC17025 international standard, strengthens the quality control and quantity traceability of each testing link, ensures the high quality of testing report, and the testing certificate is recognized and praised by customers

provide quality service. Set up business development department to serve customers and develop testing business market. 1n order to meet the requirements of customer testing time, the laboratory optimizes the testing process and strictly controls the testing cycle within 2 days; For the shoes labels that do not meet the requirements of the standard, the laboratory provides free rectification guidance for customers until they reach the standard

(Luo Yuankang Yahui)

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