Brief introduction of occupational radiation diseases in the catalogue of occupational diseases

1. Acute radiation sickness caused by external irradiation

refers to the systemic disease caused by high-dose external irradiation once or several times in a short time (several days)

prevention: long term out of radiation work, pay attention to the possible long-term effects, and give corresponding treatment2. Subacute radiation sickness caused by external irradiation< 3. External irradiation chronic radiation sickness is a kind of systemic disease, which is mainly caused by hematopoiesis tissue damage and accompanied by other system changes. 1t belongs to the category of occupational disease prevention: long term work away from radiation, pay attention to the possible long-term effects. The preventive measures are as follows: the buildings and equipment for radiation work should meet the requirements of safety protection; Operating procedures and safety protection regulations shall be formulated; The personnel engaged in radiation work should receive professional training and strictly abide by the operating procedures and protection system; Health care system should be established, regular physical examination should be carried out before and after employment according to the health standards of radiation workers, nutrition and physical exercise should be strengthened to enhance physique, and nutrition allowance and vacation should be provided; 1t is necessary to set up a health manual, set up health personnel and supervision institutions to ensure the implementation of preventive measures; Radiation workers should take preventive drugs and make necessary protective preparations before carrying out the planned radiation beyond the dose equivalent limit< 4. 1nternal radiation sickness long term excessive accumulation of radionuclides in the body can cause chronic internal radiation sickness prevention: 1. personnel engaged in radiotherapy should strengthen personal protection to prevent radionuclides from entering the body

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