brief introduction of types and characteristics of disposable shoe covers

Shoe cover, also known as shoe cover, is mainly divided into disposable shoe cover and telescopic shoe cover, among which disposable shoe cover is the most popular and the most widely used. Disposable shoe cover can be divided into many types according to material, use and function. Let’s take a look at their characteristics

shoe cover

classification of disposable shoe cover:

non woven shoe cover: non woven shoe cover is favored by customers, because it uses the latest environmental protection materials and has the function of anti-static. The printing shoe cover of non-woven fabric can prevent slipping, has strong practicability and is beautiful. 1t can add company logo to achieve good publicity effect

Plastic shoe covers: the production process is simple, and the demand is also large. They are mostly used for food processing or general environmental protection

antiskid shoe cover: it can be divided into life antiskid shoe cover and industrial antiskid shoe cover. Life antiskid shoe cover refers to daily household shoe cover, rain antiskid shoe cover, snow shoe cover, etc; And industrial antiskid shoe cover is generally suitable for wet and greasy environment such as factory workshop. According to the different environmental characteristics, there are anti smash and other functions. 1t is designed with all natural rubber and new wear-resistant and antiskid materials, combined with the functions of rain rubber shoes and disposable plastic shoe covers

anti static shoe cover: the material is anti-static fabric, and the bottom of the shoe cover is added with anti-static PVC material, which can not only wear-resistant, but also achieve anti-skid, anti-static and other functions. 1t is suitable for high clean and dust-free environment, such as dust-free workshop, laboratory, etc

disposable shoe covers also include CPE shoe covers, flannelette shoe covers, rainproof shoe covers, etc., which 1 will not elaborate on

features of disposable shoe cover:

the biggest feature of disposable shoe cover is convenient and practical, wide range of applications, different materials and corresponding functions, which can prevent slip, static electricity and dust. And the price is much cheaper than the non disposable shoe cover, and the treatment is convenient, especially the non-woven shoe cover, which can be naturally degraded

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