bring new tooling to show “spirit”

it is the first time that Meng Dapeng, a 44 year old bus driver, attended the 12th municipal Party Congress as a representative. Yesterday morning, Meng Dapeng came to report with dark blue and light blue bus driver uniforms. As soon as he entered the registration area of the Party Congress, he attracted the attention of the on-site media

“the bus group has 15000 party members. 1 am very proud and moved to attend the Party Congress.” At 8:40 a.m., No. 41 bus driver Meng Dapeng, wearing a light blue shirt, Party emblem and Party Congress attendance card, appeared in the registration area

“1 specially brought my usual bus driver uniform. This dark blue one was worn in autumn and winter, and this light blue one was worn in summer. These two sets of clothes were just changed last year.” Meng Dapeng introduced the clothes he brought to the reporters. 1n his opinion, after changing the overalls, the bus drivers became more “international style”. “The colors used to be jokingly called” Smurfs “. This time, the colors of the clothes were changed into international popular colors, which made the bus drivers feel in line with the international bus industry.”

Meng Dapeng said that he is a grass-roots representative and hopes to show more of his usual work style. During the meeting, if he has the opportunity, he will put on his work clothes, “1 will show the spirit of bus drivers in Beijing as an international metropolis with special confidence.”

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