British new robot helps Army test biochemical clothing

Britain has released a new robot model that will help the Army test the next generation of biological and chemical protective clothing

this robot model named “Burton man” can walk, March, run, sit and kneel, and even imitate the aiming movements of soldiers. Researchers can use the robot to test protective clothing designed to protect British soldiers from chemical and biological attacks, such as nerve agents such as sarin

the robot is manufactured by Buckingham based i-bodi Technologies Ltd. for the Defense Technology Laboratory in Wiltshire. The laboratory is responsible for testing the anti chemical warfare agent ability of soldiers’ clothing

defense science and technology laboratory has used robot models before, but the new bionic robot model has many improvements: its head can move, its moving range is larger, and its body is covered with sensors, so that researchers can conduct real-time analysis during testing

researchers say the new robots will bring another “step change” to the way the next generation of protective clothing responds to future threats

the head of the old robot is fixed on the body, while the head of the new robot can move, so as to test the different effects of the devices worn by the robot. 1n addition, the new version of the robot’s thumb can also be removed, easy to wear gloves, its ankle can also be bent

the new robot is installed on a turntable. 1n this way, it can not only be tested in the multi wind environment created by the fan, but also observe the reaction of the robot when the wind direction is different

researchers can also program the software of the newly developed “Burton man” robot to make it perform a series of actions in a specific scene, and test which equipment is suitable for the situation on the battlefield through the software

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