Built in heavy chemical protective clothing for personal protective equipment

built in heavy chemical protective clothing is one of the personal protective clothing. 1t mainly consists of boots, gloves, body clothing and head equipment. 1t can protect users from the invasion of toxic and harmful substances and dangerous chemicals, and is suitable for working in the environment with high concentration of dangerous chemicals

the boots with built-in heavy chemical protective clothing are made of anti-corrosion and anti ligation materials to protect the user’s feet. 1t has good safety protection coefficient. His head is equipped with an air breathing apparatus and a built-in communication system. The head is protected by a helmet with high-definition large screen window and no distortion of visual effect. The main body clothing is made of chloroprene rubber or butyl rubber or PVC. The joints are double vulcanized inside and outside. 1t has excellent sealing performance and high mechanical strength, which can prevent chemical invasion. 1t also adopts high sealing waterproof zipper

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