bull Dynasty member grant revealed the reason for wearing goggles

Former NBA player Horace grant always wears goggles to play on the court, so he also has the nickname Cobra. He is not only the main member of the bulls in the first three consecutive championship period, but also the third scorer in the team, and together with Jordan and Pippen, he forms the Zen master’s triangle attack system. He recently explained to reddit AMA why he was wearing goggles on the court

at first, he wore goggles because of his eyesight. He had to wear goggles to play. But after he had laser surgery on his eyes and had vision problems treated, he still wore it

in response, he explained: “after my surgery, 1 continued to wear it because some of my children’s grandparents or parents came to me and they thank me for continuing to wear it. Because when their children or grandchildren see me like this, they will find it interesting to wear goggles when they participate in sports, and this will protect those children who imitate me when they exercise. “

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