Buried 11 meters underground for 7 hours, fortunately wearing safety helmet survived miraculously

The word “survived” is most appropriate for Weng Mingfu in wengdian village, Dazheng Town, Zhuanghe City. On the afternoon of March 30, when Weng Mingfu went to a household in Changsheng street market community to help repair a well, he was unfortunately hit by a landslide and buried in a well more than 10 meters deep for more than seven hours. Fortunately, after more than seven hours of rescue efforts by 14 officers and men of Zhuanghe squadron of Zhuanghe fire brigade, Weng Mingfu successfully escaped from the mine and is now hospitalized for examination

when the well collapsed and the workover workers were buried for a long time, the citizens even called them “miracles”

at 3:00 p.m. on March 30, Ms. Gao of Zhuanghe city went back to her mother’s home in Changsheng street market community to visit her relatives and found a strange thing: that afternoon, it was as if the residents of the whole community gathered near a resident’s home in the community” At that time, 1 saw hundreds of people around the roadside, with ambulances and fire engines parked around! ” After Mrs. Gao inquired, she learned that at about 1:40 p.m. that day, a man was repairing a well for the household when he encountered a wall collapse. At that time, the man who was working underground was buried at the bottom of the well! At about 7 p.m. that day, when Ms. Gao was going to return to Zhuanghe City from her mother’s home, she found that the courtyard of the residents whose well had collapsed was still brightly lit. Although five or six hours have passed since the well collapse, many residents on the scene are pessimistic about whether the trapped man can survive, but the rescue operation is still continuing! Yesterday morning, Ms. Gao finally got good news from her mother’s home. The man buried underground was successfully rescued” Buried in the mine for such a long time can still survive! 1t’s a miracle But Ms. Gao exclaimed and asked: How did this miracle happen< At 14:06 on the same day, after receiving the alarm, Zhuanghe squadron dispatched 2 fire engines and 14 officers and soldiers to the scene the informed family members were informed that there is a cement well pipe with a diameter of about 50 cm at the bottom of the well, which is about 1.5 m away from the water surface. Commander Li Jian’s judgment, if the face of the people trapped in the collapse face down and head in the upper part of the water, there may be a ray of life. The rescue team immediately prepared the application equipment, took personal protection and protection measures, and immediately went down the well to rescue by using the self-contained wire rope. The security team extended the mobile gas source into the well to increase the air content at the bottom of the well. The public security police were responsible for evacuating the onlookers and coordinating the villagers to prepare the earth rock lifting and handling tools. Due to the limited internal space of the deep well, at most two team members can work at the same time, the underground pressure is serious, and most of the stones are in the majority, so the excavation tools can not be used normally, and they can only be dug by hand. The rescue team is divided into three groups, two people in a group, and they go down the well to dig stones in turn after more than 5 hours of fighting, the rescue team pushed about 8 meters to the bottom of the well. With the increase of the depth, the working space of the rescue workers became narrower and narrower, and there was water seepage around the well wall. The firmness of the soil on the well wall decreased, and it was possible to collapse again at any time. At this time, there was a weak voice for help at the bottom of the well, which confirmed that there were signs of life! a case involving human life is to be treated with the utmost care! The commander ordered the underground to strengthen observation, speed up the rescue under the condition of ensuring safety, and strive to rescue the trapped people in the shortest time. 1n this way, the underground personnel risked the risk of collapse at any time, regardless of the pain of blood blisters on their hands, and after nearly two hours of fighting, the rescue team pushed to 10.5 meters underground, and finally found the trapped man. At 8:50 that night, the trapped man was successfully rescued from the well. As early as waiting for a long time on the side of the medical staff immediately sent the man to the hospital for treatment< Yesterday, the reporter came to Zhuanghe Central Hospital and met the rescued man, Weng Mingfu. Weng Mingfu, 53, is lying on his bed for transfusion. Although there is no obvious trauma, he still needs to undergo a detailed examination “it’s the first time 1’ve ever met such a thing after more than 30 years of well digging.” Recalling the experience of the night before last, Weng Mingfu was afraid. At noon that day, Weng Mingfu went to help the household solve the problem of little well water. There was no problem outside the well, so Weng Mingfu decided to go down the well” 1 first fixed the rope outside the wellhead and went down the well to check. At a distance of about 3 meters from the wellhead, suddenly the well wall collapsed and 1 was directly smashed into the bottom of the well! “ Weng Mingfu recalled that when he fell to the bottom of the well, he was in a coma for a long time. When he woke up again, he found that his body below his chest was crushed by mud and stones. “Fortunately, 1 was wearing a helmet at that time, otherwise my head would have been smashed!” As analyzed by the rescuers outside the well, Weng Mingfu was lying on the cement pipe, with room for his head and arms to move, and was able to breathe without well water for several hours when he was buried underground, Weng Mingfu didn’t feel stuffy, but he was very thirsty, and the temperature at the bottom of the well was so low that he shivered with cold. 1 don’t know how long after that, Weng Mingfu vaguely heard the sound coming from above, and the sound was getting closer and closer. At the most critical moment, he didn’t know where the strength came from, so he pushed away the earth and rock above him with his hand, and then he saw the long lost light and the lovely face of the rescue workers the earth and rock were 150 cm from the wellhead people fell from 300 cm from the wellhead Weng Mingfu, 53, went down the well to check, about 3 meters from the wellhead, Suddenly the wall of the well collapsed and he was hit to the bottom because of wearing safety helmet, Weng Mingfu didn’t hurt his head during the collapse, but his body below his chest was crushed by mud and stones. As analyzed by the rescuers outside the well, Weng Mingfu was stopped by a cement pipe at that time, and there was still room for his head and arms to move. 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