Cambodia raises wages of workers in shoemaking and other industries

recently, Cambodia’s Ministry of education and vocational training (mol) announced that Cambodian footwear industry, textile industry enterprises, employers, workers and labor unions wanted to raise the minimum wage of workers

the minimum wage in Cambodia will be increased on October 1 this year, and the minimum wage of probationary workers (1-3 months) will be increased to 56 US dollars (including 45 US dollars of minimum wage, 5 US dollars of salary increase and 6 US dollars of subsistence allowance)

for regular workers, the minimum wage is $61 per month (including $50 minimum wage, $5 salary increase and $6 subsistence allowance)

the notice stipulates that the wages of the workers are paid according to the actual production of the workers. 1f the actual production of the workers exceeds the minimum wage mentioned above, their wages will be paid according to the excess production. However, if the actual production of the workers is lower than the minimum wage, the employer should also pay the minimum wage of the workers as $56 (probation period), The minimum wage for formal workers is $61

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