Can accountability make coal mine safety “reborn”

Author: Wang Xudong

Liu Dezheng, spokesman of Shanxi mine disaster rescue headquarters, confirmed on the 5th that the headquarters had asked the production and business units to prepare materials in accordance with the requirements of accident investigation. This is the first time that officials have said they will start the accountability process. According to an earlier circular issued by the State Administration of work safety, there are man-made factors, such as the non implementation of water exploration and drainage measures, the confusion of labor organization and management, and the non implementation of construction safety measures(There is no doubt that the rescue has achieved “great success” and “major breakthrough”. The latest news shows that 115 of the 153 people trapped in the accident have been rescued; Five bodies of trapped persons were found underground; And continue to adhere to the principle of scientific rescue, the remaining 38 trapped underground personnel to implement full search and rescue, and strive to achieve greater success. Luo Lin, director of the State Administration of work safety, said that Wangjialing coal mine rescue has created two miracles in the history of China’s accident rescue, one is the miracle of the lives of trapped workers, the other is the miracle of accident rescue

coal mining disasters and bloody coal are written into our economic history, our development history and our safety dictionary with our lives and blood. Relevant data show that from 1999 to 2009, 54160 people lost their lives in mine accidents. Some people say, “if man-made disasters are not eliminated, there will be more than one mine disaster.”” Safety in production is more important than Mount Tai” 1n the face of “man-made disaster”, Mount Tai does not exist” The “lost sheep” are constantly being mended but not “consolidated”, even not “mended” at all. We have a strict accountability system for “man-made disasters”. After the mine disaster, some people lost their official positions; Some people went to prison for the mine accident…

it is “necessary” to have strict accountability for the “3.28” flooding accident in Shanxi Wangjialing mine. Accountability is a kind of accountability, and it is also a kind of profound reflection. Can accountability make coal mine safety “reborn”? Coal mine safety, we are not lack of system, is not lack of accountability, the key lies in the system execution is not enough, many times the system is “Shelved”, although the accountability is strict, but the reflection after the accountability, learn from the past is not enough. As a result, a “vicious circle” is formed: weak implementation of the system, weak supervision – leading to frequent mine accidents – accountability follow-up, but the system has not been reflected and activated. More than 100 trapped miners have been “reborn”, but coal mine safety has not been “reborn”

the rescue of Wangjialing mine disaster can be regarded as a “specimen” and a “model” for future accident rescue. But that’s not enough. From the perspective of the “social influence” of the Wangjialing coal mine disaster, it will be more valuable and practical to dissect the “sparrow”, find out the “root cause” of the mine disaster, and how to achieve the “prevention in advance” of coal mine safety. As some commentators have pointed out, we might as well regard the more than 100 survivors of the Wangjialing mine disaster as “black boxes” of the mine disaster. With their miracles of survival, we can write a life textbook for millions of Chinese miners. With their personal experience, we can call for a more sound and perfect coal mining system and give them more human protection and care

we are glad for the “rebirth” of the miners and look forward to the “rebirth” of coal mine safety

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