can anti sunlight UV goggles be used for welding protection?

Q: Can anti sunlight UV goggles be used for welding protection

A: No. Although the anti ultraviolet goggles can protect the ultraviolet rays in sunlight by 99% or even higher, they only protect the UVA and UVB parts of the ultraviolet rays. Welding arc in addition to UVA and UVB, there are UVC, infrared, 1R, and very high intensity of visible light, general anti ultraviolet goggles do not have the protection function of these harmful light, can not play a protective role

Q: can all dyed glasses be used to protect the ultraviolet rays in the sunlight

A: No. 1f there is no anti ultraviolet coating, only the dyed glasses can not block ultraviolet rays. Because the dyed glasses reduce the light intensity and the wearer’s pupil enlarges, the exposure level of ultraviolet radiation will increase and the wearer will be more vulnerable

Q: in places with metal debris splashing, do you still need to wear anti impact glasses after wearing a full mask

A: the full face mask itself is an anti impact mirror, and no additional eye and face protection is required

Q: if the protective glasses are worn together with the suction protective equipment, does it cause interference and reduce the protective performance

A: the protective glasses generally do not interfere with the half mask, but usually can not be used with the full mask at the same time

Q: do loose fit suction devices with face lenses conforming to ANS1 Z87.1 standard have to be combined with protective glasses or eye masks

A: Shanghai Changwei industrial engineer also thinks it should be decided according to the situation. 1f the protective goggles may leave the normal position during the whole working process (for example, the suction device that can be lifted by the goggles), they must be used together with the protective goggles or protective goggles; 1f the position of the face mirror does not change during the whole working process, it is unnecessary to wear protective glasses or eye mask

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