can canned zero pollution air resist haze? Experts say the effect is not as good as wearing a mask

The emergence of haze has given birth to a new kind of commodity trade – “selling air”. Recently, the reporter of Chutian Metropolis Daily saw on many e-commerce websites that the “zero pollution air” purchased on behalf of other places at home and abroad has become a commodity with clear price tag

“experience the feeling that the purest air is inhaled into the lungs, and reduce the harm of haze to the body.” On a shopping website, the reporter of Chutian Metropolis Daily saw a variety of canned air products. Some claimed that they were from 1nner Mongolia and Zhejiang, and others indicated that they were from Japan and New Zealand. The price of each can ranged from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan, and the shelf life was about one year. The advertising language emphasized that it could bring fresh feeling, and it was a “good medicine” to fight against haze

the reporter visited several pages selling air, and found that the appearance of these canned air is similar to that of ordinary air fresheners, and the use method is very simple: open the package, aim the nozzle at the nose and mouth, and gently press the nozzle. There are also attached breathing masks. When you open the package and press it, you can get the so-called “zero pollution air”. The reporter found that the turnover of such goods is not much, and the customers who leave comments are also less

“zero pollution air” can really fight against haze damage? Zhang Jixian, director of the respiratory department of the hospital of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine in Hubei Province, said that health preservation can only be effective if you are in a clean air environment for a long time. Breathing a few cans of so-called pollution-free air in a short time has little effect on improving human health. Selling “zero pollution air” is more like a commercial hype

Zhang Jixian reminded that the number of patients with respiratory tract infection admitted to the hospital in the past week has increased by about 30%. When you go out in haze weather, you’d better wear a mask to prevent haze. At the end of outdoor activities, nasal cavity should be cleaned with 35 ℃ to 38 ℃ warm saline to reduce the attachment of harmful particles in nasal cavity(Reporter Li Han, correspondent Ying Shuhui)

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