Can children wear professional gas masks

The key to wearing a gas mask is the size of the mask. 1f you want to really play the role of the gas mask, then the size of the whole mask should be consistent with the size of the user’s face, so that it can really play the role of protection. 1n general, the masks we use are rectangular, but the gas masks are generally cup-shaped, especially the Haigu gas masks. 1n fact, many of them are full head type. 1n this case, it is easier to fit all the faces of the users, and the users should really pay attention to the rectangular masks, The three-layer structure is the only way to achieve the relevant function. 1f the gas mask, some gas masks must have wire, in this case, the wire can really pass through the bridge of the user’s nose, then in this case, the bridge of the nose can really spread the whole mask

children can use a mask, but the size of the mask also needs to be required. Although the mask has no fixed shape, the bandage of the mask is very important. 1f it is tied well, it can really tie the face of the child. 1f it is a child wearing a gas mask, in order to really play a good protective role, So the whole mask must be close to the child’s face, and truly integrate with the child’s face, so as to maintain the facial fusion, and ensure that the breathing air will not leak out. Of course, when wearing the cup-shaped gas mask, we should really pay attention to the safety of the whole use. We need to cover the gas mask with our hands, and try to blow into it, Only in this way can we check the air leakage from the mask and adjust the whole position again

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