can the anti-static dust-free clothing be permanently anti-static?

For anti-static dust-free clothing, 1 believe that friends who have passed through or known it should be familiar with it, especially those who work in electronics and clean workshops. Anti static dust-free clothing is a kind of functional clothing, but also a kind of consumables, but many people think that anti-static dust-free clothing has permanent anti-static function, has been used, never consider whether its performance is invalid, so in the end anti-static dust-free clothing is permanent anti-static

even if we wear any clothes and shoes, we need to maintain them, and the anti-static dust-free clothing is no exception. 1n the process of using the anti-static dust-free clothing, in addition to the correct use and regular maintenance, the anti-static dust-free clothing should also be tested regularly. Otherwise, once the unqualified anti-static dust-free clothing enters the production environment, it will cause casualties and product quality problems. Therefore, whether the anti-static dust-free clothing is permanent anti-static is a problem, So the answer to this question is No. We should stop using and replace unqualified clothes immediately to improve work efficiency

the function of anti-static and dust-free clothing will decline with the increase of wearing time. However, there is no specific indicator for the service life of the anti-static and dust-free clothing, and there is no guarantee period and service life of the clothing. Because the use method, washing method and preservation method of the anti-static and dust-free clothing used by different customer units are different, so the durability is also different. The most scientific method is to regularly test the anti-static and dust-free clothing after cleaning

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