can the labor insurance articles fee be deducted?

Q: the position 1 work in is dangerous. The company has provided us with anti-virus masks, work clothes, gloves, etc. Recently, when 1 left my job and received economic compensation, 1 found that the company deducted the cost of labor protection articles from my salary according to the internal rules and regulations of “the cost of labor protection articles shall be settled when the employee leaves his job and borne by the employee”. 1s the company doing the right thing

answer: Article 54 of the labor law stipulates that “employers must provide workers with labor safety and health conditions and necessary labor protection articles that meet the national regulations…” Article 15 of the regulations on the supervision and administration of labor protection articles stipulates that “production and business units shall arrange special funds for the allocation of labor protection articles.” That is to say, the employing unit not only has the legal obligation to provide labor protection articles for the employees of relevant posts, but also the expenses must be paid from its “special funds”, which should not be borne by the employees themselves. The company will deduct the required expenses from your economic compensation, which obviously belongs to the shifting responsibility. The company’s internal regulations violate the above legal provisions and are therefore invalid

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