Can tooling take the road of regional characteristics

Clothing with traditional national forms is a major feature of our Chinese nation. Clothing is the reflection of national politics, economy, thought and culture, and also reflects the national psychological quality. Even the serious military uniform can be divided into regular uniform, formal dress, training uniform and work uniform, as well as those by service. So, as an important branch of our labor protection equipment, can we take the road of regional characteristics

imagine one: when the tooling meets with embroidery

Jiangnan scenery is picturesque, not only known as the land of fish and rice and beautiful scenery, but also one of the traditions of Jiangnan, which also casts the cultural character of some people in Jiangnan. Jiangnan culture is a representative of lasting friendship, and the widely praised stories of talented people and beautiful women are another praise of cultural heritage. The classic Jiangnan architectural style of white wall, green tile, small bridge and flowing water also has a quiet and elegant charm

Suzhou, a cultural ancient city, is known as “paradise on earth”. Suzhou embroidery art bred in this beautiful environment has long been famous in the world. 1f it’s a work dress, it’s matched with this exquisite embroidery with special charm. Serious and solemn tooling is not immediately gave birth to another unique meaning, is a representative of responsibility, but also a work of art, representing a kind of hometown culture

imagination 2: when the tooling meets the national style

a song of “the most dazzling national style” is sung in the north and south of the river, the dancing posture of aunts in the square is beautiful, and the national costumes of Yang Wei Linghua in the MV are even more eye-catching. Some ethnic elements that can represent the local regional characteristics, if integrated into our daily wear tooling, skillfully matched, is definitely a cultural feast with strong local characteristics! On weekdays, it seems serious tooling will increase a few “beauty” and details< 1n the 88th exhibition, Shandong Sunbird Clothing Co., Ltd.'s tooling show won the attention of visitors. General manager Ms. Zhou Li's praise of the labor insurance industry also gives us another understanding of the "stupid big black rough" labor insurance. On the show, the wonderful display of international friends and the control of color and tailoring by tooling designers make us forget that this is just a tooling show. 1t has to be said that with the pace of international integration, tooling is becoming more and more fashionable and international production and life style are the foundation. Therefore, the development and change of clothing is closely related to the production and life style, which can also be said to be the concrete embodiment of the production and life style. 1t is undeniable that with the passage of time, the development of history, the progress of science and technology, and the increase of wealth, the production and life style will continue to develop and change, and so will the tooling. Today’s tooling is nothing more than inheriting the fine tradition and eliminating the things that do not meet the requirements of the times in order to adapt to reality and be more practical from the recent sweat soaked, patched Khaki frock, twill military uniform, washed white Zhongshan frock… Those frock which once led the simple trend will not stop today. 1t is bound to further develop and change with the acceleration of the pace of modernization. 1 hope that the imagination about tooling will never stop(Copyright notice: This is the original article of the website reporter. 1f you need to reprint it, please indicate the source

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