can you wear a gas mask? What are the common mistakes?

The gas mask can be said to be a familiar safety protection product. Especially in recent years, with the aggravation of haze, the gas mask has entered the public view. Although we are familiar with gas masks, there are still some misunderstandings about the understanding and use of gas masks< Error 1: the same gas mask can be used in any environment. Different gas masks have different protective effects, such as ammonia gas mask, carbon monoxide gas mask, etc. the gas mask should be selected according to the actual working environment< Error 2: some people think that gas masks can be worn or not at work. Gas mask can effectively eliminate or reduce the damage factors of occupational diseases, effectively maintain the health of workers, and reduce the occurrence of occupational diseases mistake 3: if there is no peculiar smell in our working environment, we can not wear gas masks. There are many colorless, odorless and tasteless harmful substances in nature. Even if there is taste, there are limitations and individual differences in the perception of human sensory organs about the outside world. So it’s not that you don’t need to wear a gas mask if you don’t have a bad smell in the working environment myth 4: the filter type gas mask can effectively protect in any environment. The filter type gas mask can not be used in any environment. 1t has certain limitations. The gas mask can only be used in the non closed environment with the air oxygen content ≥ 19.5% (V / V) and the temperature from – 30 ℃ to 45 ℃ only by choosing appropriate and qualified gas masks and using them correctly, can they give full play to their protective effect and protect human health and safety

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