Can you wear labor protection clothes? Can labor protective clothing be worn randomly?

The new winter clothes are gorgeous and beautiful. They are our petrochemical people’s symbolic clothes. Perhaps no one has ever summed up the labor protection clothes we wear as fashion, because they are single in style and old in color. But the labor protection clothing is the golden bell cover and iron cloth shirt that we use to protect our lives

in the eyes of most people, wearing labor protection clothing can not make them look heroic and natural. However, this labor protection clothing can protect ourselves in case of emergency. Labor protection clothing is our talisman, which gives us life care. 1ts beauty is not a simple color, its delicacy is not a simple design, but our recognition of its maintenance of life, is the internal beauty it exudes. 1ts protective function gives us the best protection. As long as we wear it, we will feel at ease, and let us really come to work happily and go home safely

life is only once for everyone. There is no reason why we should not cherish our life. There is no need to repeat the bloody lessons, nor do we need to recall the bitter groans. After all, there is only one life, and the pain is irreparable. What we can do is not only to constantly improve our own safety quality and develop good safety behavior habits, but also to dress safely and according to the requirements, and truly achieve self-regulation and self-restraint, so as to ensure our own life safety and enterprise production safety

we should attach importance to safety production as we cherish life. Be aware that a little negligence may cause huge losses to the enterprise and untold pain to relatives. So wear the right labor protection clothing, from me, from now on

labor protection clothing not only enables us to keep safety production and life first in mind, but also enables us to continuously improve our safety awareness and safety literacy in our daily work. 1n the face of illegal operation, it also reminds us like rules and regulations, so that we can first think about what we are doing and why we should do it

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