Car mounted fire extinguishers also have a shelf life, you know?

Now more and more private car owners begin to improve their safety awareness, such as equipping their cars with on-board fire extinguishers in case of emergency. However, the reporter’s investigation found that many cars couldn’t save themselves at the first time when there was a fire, not because there was no on-board fire extinguisher at that time, but because the fire extinguisher “went on strike”…

car spontaneous combustion

the fire extinguisher sprayed twice and then it was boring…

a car spontaneous combustion incident happened on Taishan Road, Huanggu District

Mr. Liu drove to school to pick up the children. As soon as the car stopped, he found that the car was not right: black smoke suddenly came out of the dashboard, and a pungent burning smell immediately came. 1t turned out that the wires on the front cover of the car were short circuited and on fire

Mr. Liu quickly went around to the back compartment and took out the fire extinguisher to put out the fire. The fire extinguisher that he had never used was only sprayed two or three times, and it was “boring”? Mr. Liu quickly reported 119 fire

it turns out that Mr. Liu’s on-board fire extinguisher was brought with him when he bought the car. He didn’t use it for many years and didn’t repair it. 1t’s no longer effective. The pressure is obviously insufficient and he can’t make enough effort in case of emergency. Mr. Liu also wants to put forward a suggestion to the majority of riders through this newspaper: vehicle mounted fire extinguisher can be used in a big way at a critical moment, so we must pay attention to repair and maintenance. Although it occupies a lot of space in the rear compartment, increases the weight of the car, and may add some fuel, it can avoid the doom of car damage and death at the critical moment…

reporter investigation

most of the riders do not know that the fire extinguisher will expire

recently, the reporter interviewed many citizens randomly, No one can answer such questions accurately. The interviewees all agreed, “since the fire extinguisher has not been used at ordinary times, how can it fail?”

“many vehicles are not equipped with fire extinguisher, and some of them can’t give full play to their functions even if they are equipped with fire extinguisher due to its failure.” 1n case of fire, the expired fire extinguisher can not produce foam, which will delay the best time for fire fighting. According to the experts, the fire extinguisher should also have a regular “physical examination”

it is understood that if the fire extinguisher is filled with chemical substances, if it is not maintained or rusted for a long time, the bottle body will be corroded, and when it is used, the bottle body may explode because it can not bear the pressure. 1n particular, fire extinguishers such as carbon dioxide, foam and dry powder all have hidden dangers. Br / >
“the biggest danger of overdue fire extinguisher is that it can’t spray chemicals normally when it is necessary to put out the fire.” There are potential safety hazards in overdue fire extinguisher, which must be replaced and improved in time to avoid chemical failure or caking

“within the warranty period, residents should judge whether the fire extinguisher is effective or not, first of all, it depends on the ex factory date of the fire extinguisher; Second, it depends on the pressure gauge of the fire extinguisher. Check whether the pointer of the pressure indicator of the fire extinguisher is in the green area. The green indicates that the internal working pressure of the fire extinguisher is normal; Yellow indicates that the pressure is too high; The red color indicates that the pressure is too low. 1n this case, you need to go to the repair shop to punch. “

generally, the fire extinguisher is repaired for the first time five years after leaving the factory, and then every two years. However, if the environment where the fire extinguisher is located is relatively humid, it is easy to be affected by moisture and agglomerate and lose efficacy, so regular physical examination is particularly important. 1n addition, the fire extinguisher also has a retirement period. Generally speaking, the longest retirement period of portable carbon dioxide fire extinguisher and wheeled carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is 10 years. The life span of portable water-based fire extinguisher and wheeled water-based fire extinguisher is only 6 years. The fire department suggests: for the sake of environmental protection, do not discard the fire extinguisher after it is expired, and hand it over to the environmental protection department, fire department or fire equipment store for unified treatment

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