Care for employees’ health and keep away from occupational diseases

For a long time, Nanchang petroleum has always put the maintenance of physical and mental health of employees in the first place, carried out occupational health work in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the work plan for occupational health of sales enterprises and the regulations on the management of labor protection expenses and personal protective equipment, vigorously strengthened the prevention and control of occupational hazards, and continuously improved the occupational health level of employees, Ensure the health of employees

the company attaches great importance to the prevention and control of occupational hazards, regularly organizes physical examination for employees, and establishes personal health records for employees. 1n order to popularize occupational health-related knowledge and the importance of occupational health among employees, Nanchang petroleum vigorously publicized, hung propaganda slogans in gas stations and oil depots, organized health lectures on occupational disease prevention, and sent them to the grassroots, so that the majority of employees can actively participate in and master occupational disease prevention knowledge

in addition, the company regularly monitors the occupational hazards of Posts exposed to occupational hazards in gas stations and oil depots, sets up notice boards for occupational monitoring results, and truthfully publishes the monitoring results, so as to create a green and safe working environment for employees

every year, according to the actual work needs of employees, Nanchang petroleum will provide them with safety helmets, anti-static work shoes, anti-static work cotton shoes, cotton gloves, oil-resistant gloves, anti-static work clothes, safety belts, fuel dispensers’ waistbags, antifreeze skin care agents, warm water bags and other labor protection appliances, and register the distribution form of personal protective equipment, Ensure that the labor protection articles are distributed to each employee, and protect the health of employees from the source

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