Carry security through to the end

“There is plastic powder at the plant site.” This morning, Chen Shangkang, a safety officer in the rubber workshop of Maoming Petrochemical Chemical Division, found the problem

not long after the shift handover in the morning, Chen Gong went to the scene to strengthen the inspection. Near the office building of the rubber workshop, he quickly found that there was something wrong with the scene. On both sides of the road 10 of the synthetic rubber plant, we saw some fine white powder lying on the ground. Chen Gong, an experienced worker, frowned and walked quickly in the direction of the limelight. The powder was clearly visible

at this time, Chen Gong immediately rushed to the rubber central control room and called out: “Zhong Ming, Wang e -”

the monitor of two sets of rubber devices saw Chen Gong shouting and quickly went to Chen Gong

“you organize class members to come to the scene with me to” fight drugs. ” Chen Shangkang explained the discovery of plastic powder to the team leader. Although the team leader didn’t know the scene, he was full of doubts, but the arrangement of the safety officer must be reasonable. After a while, under the leadership of Chen Gong, the class members took brooms and garbage shovels and walked quickly to the scene

just as he was about to clean up, Chen Gong magically took out a pile of dust masks: “don’t worry, don’t miss the woodcutter by sharpening your knife. Put on the mask first and then sweep, otherwise the dust will be easily absorbed into your body.”

“Mr. Chen, you are really in charge of safety. You are very considerate.” Xiao Li, a member of the class, really admired Chen Gong’s strict control of occupational health. Safety officers really have a strong sense of safety. They should wear labor protection articles carefully and protect themselves when dealing with problems

Chen Gong and the team members were divided into groups and worked together to remove the powder. When we were working, our inner doubts remained

“Chen Gong, why do you sweep these powders?” A member of the team who participated in the cleaning operation asked, it turned out that like this member of the team, some workers thought that the powder should have floated from the leakage of other devices at the intersection, and the powder just fell to the roadside of the rubber device with the wind, so there was no need to “mobilize the masses” to clean up

“if the powder is not cleaned up in time, do you know that it is likely to enter the trench, and then it will flow into the 10 ° rain drainage line.” Chen explained

it turns out that Chen Gong’s worry is “very serious”. 1f it rains, the powder flowing into the gutter will flow to the Meihua River along with the outlet of the rain drainage line. Speaking of the Meihua River, it is used by local villagers to irrigate their farmland, while Wuchuan in Zhanjiang downstream “drinks the same river”. These powders are likely to affect the daily life of residents

“don’t underestimate these powders. 1f they are not handled properly, they will cause water pollution accidents.” Mr. Chen explained as he worked, which made the employees on the scene nod their heads and say yes. Everyone worked harder

“safety is above everything. Young people, we should always remember our responsibilities.” Chen Gong’s words let the workers have a deeper understanding. Everyone’s action to clean up the powder was more rapid. Soon, with the joint efforts of everyone, the cleaning action was successfully completed. At this time, the powder on the road was cleaned up, and the dark Chen Shangkang showed a satisfied smile

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