cartoon, lace and anti haze masks are popular. Personality or protection is up to you

1t’s getting colder and colder. As a sharp tool for keeping warm and dustproof, masks have entered the peak sales season. During the interview, the reporter found that with the more and more serious haze in recent years, many masks with the label of “anti haze” began to become the new favorite of consumers; At the same time, cartoon patterns, lace and pure black masks are also popular among young people. 1n the face of various masks on the market, how should we choose the one that suits us

the protective anti haze mask is hot sale

the reporter learned that at present, the anti haze mask on the market mainly relies on two kinds of technology, one is to filter the air through the mesh, the other is to use activated carbon to adsorb particles. Many of the masks that use face screen filtration are disposable. The masks that use activated carbon can still be used after replacing the inner core of activated carbon. There are also masks marked washable and reusable

“in winter, masks sell the fastest.” A shopkeeper in Yilin town told reporters that the sales peak began in late November, and more than 20 anti haze masks could be sold a day” Generally speaking, the buyers of masks with anti haze function are mostly young people, and many parents will buy several masks of different specifications for the whole family. ” Compared with the hot sales in physical stores, the reporter took “Mask” as the key word, and also searched nearly 100 pieces of commodity trading information on 58 Tongcheng, ganji.com, Zhuanzhuan and other platforms. 1n addition to the common white protective masks on the market, colorful fancy masks are also very popular

comfortable personality mask is fashionable and warm

Ms. Wang, a citizen of Changchun, said that she had bought a haze mask before, “it’s hard, with a raised breathing valve at the front end, which tied to her face and looks like an alien. And it’s stuffy when you wear it for a long time, and the glasses often get foggy. ” But she also said that she dare not go out in autumn and winter without wearing them, because when it is cold, her sensitive skin is prone to frostbite. 1t is reported that there are many consumers like Miss Wang who prefer to buy warm, fashionable and anti bronchitis ordinary masks

for this reason, the reporter walked into Guilin commercial building and little Yansha and saw that there are many personalized masks hanging in prominent positions in many small shops, including adult masks and children masks. Many masks are decorated with plush and lace besides cartoon characters. Among them, cute cartoon masks are popular with children, while black masks with full personality are popular with many young people” Now this black super large mask is a “star style”. Several fashion magazines are pushing it. My boyfriend and 1 have a couple style. 1t’s a good feeling to walk on the road

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